Californians Adjust to New Life in Texas [Video]

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Enjoy this hilarious video of a Los Angeles couple new to the state of Texas.

You’ll love it.

Watch the interaction with their friendly neighbor HERE.

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2 Comments on “Californians Adjust to New Life in Texas [Video]”

  1. Kindly unsubscribe me. This is bullying and stereotyping. The Californians who move away (to Dixie, TX, AR, FL, TN) are political refugees who want no part of that WOKE stuff.
    Don’t make it harder on them to relocate in a place better suited to their ethics , religious beliefs and wholesome politics.

    Interstate Immigrants need to be accepted ESPECIALLY if they move because they hate what their homeland has become.

    The WOKE WACKOS would NEVER move to TX unless Google transferred them to Austin.
    The rest of us want out of CA to live where there are Christian people who share our Red politics. We hate the Dems for what they’ve done as much as you do.

  2. Hilarious video!!! So true ! As a native Texan and now an embarrassed Californian,
    I hope the Californians that move to Texas DO NOT Californize Texas!!

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