The War on Christmas: Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays—Trump vs. Obama [Video/Cards]

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The War on Christmas: Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays—Trump vs. Obama [Video/Cards]

For eight years, President Obama has refused to recognize Christmas in traditional settings, including Christmas cards.

This year is no different.

Here is Obama’s Christmas card:

Now here is President-Elect Trump’s Christmas card:

And here is Donald Trump in Michigan, telling everyone that it will be OK to say “Merry Christmas” again:

You can also check out Trump saying “Make Christmas Great Again” in Wisconsin here:

Franklin Graham explains why he is going to keep saying “Merry Christmas”:

Also, check out the stars Sam and Kevin Sorbo of the new movie Joseph and Mary  and what they tell secular audiences about Merry Christmas (About 7 min).

Click below:

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5 Comments on “The War on Christmas: Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays—Trump vs. Obama [Video/Cards]”

  1. Thanks. It is great that the disgrace, anti Christ “oh bummer” is out the door. God bless President Trump for honoring Savior Jesus.

  2. The spirit of Christmas are getting diminished because of many ridiculous reasons.

    The most important turning point in our human history described in John 3:16.

    What a powerful Good News!

    It is true spirit we have to celebrate joyfully.

  3. Quite honestly, it is okay to say “Merry Christmas,” but also honor those who have different religious beliefs. This started in the workplace and in public schools (the reason they are “public”), to create a safe and inclusive workplace. In some religions the concept of a “religious-based” holiday theme can make it impossible to attend. I am not sure it is appropriate to force someone into events that are offensive to them. We are a democracy and need to honor that fact. However, no one should feel they can’t celebrate in their own way as long as you are not forcing someone else.

    And, some who have no religious beliefs feel it is intrusive. If you are a privately held business it is important to declare you celebrate those holidays so people can decide if they want to work in a place that celebrates Christian holidays. There is no war on Christmas as some might want you to believe. It is just a challenge given the fact we have very important employees who bring specialized skills from all over the globe.

    Instead of feeling like we are being controlled another way to look at it is how we many ways we can continue our celebrations and remain an inclusive country.

    I know some are angry and frustrated, but is this what you are really frustrated about? The key to happiness is an open heart. Don’t let the divisiveness of an election destroy your peace. I love you know matter how you voted, what you celebrate or not, and what you believe. That is what makes this an awesome country.

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