Want to Stay Home in November? [Video]

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Want to Stay Home in November? [Video]

Many Christians are so disgusted with both Trump and Clinton, they plan on not voting for President or not even voting at all.

Author and movie producer Dinesh D’Souza at Liberty University gives a powerful analysis of the consequences for not voting in November … plus what the future of America could look like.

Very powerful video … about 8 minutes long.

Click below.

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4 Comments on “Want to Stay Home in November? [Video]”

  1. Please vote to the bottom of the ballot, as these offices affect our daily lives more. Keep Republicans at the local level and the Congress and Senate. It really does matter. Vote for Pence, and the administration, and judges, not just for Trump.

  2. I feel that these folks wouldn’t have a problem if GW Bush was running ,with his lying ,potty mouth and useless wars . But seem to have a problem voting for what Trump said 12 years ago. Why is that?

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