Veggie Tales: A Generation of Superficial Christians? [video]

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Remember Veggie Tales? These films were a smashing success among Christians – most know them and even remember the songs.

Many kids, parents and grandparents have fond memories of Veggie Tales. They were like Sunday school on film.

All my kids watched and loved them. We sang the songs together in the car…

But the creator of Veggie Tales, Phil Vischer, regrets them.

He said he got caught up leading the successful films and never realized his original vision for them, which was to go beyond fun Bible-story films. His original intention was to go deeper.

Until he realized: “Wait a minute, did I just spend 10 years persuading kids to behave Christianly without teaching them Christianity?”

So Vischer started another project in 2010 – one that is all about taking kids deeper. It’s called “What’s in the Bible?” and it’s a 13-part DVD series about a character Buck Denver who teaches kids Christianity and the Bible in detail.

Now, Vischer is working on a series called “Galaxy Buck,” which uses puppets to teach kids.

Vischer is concerned that, too often, Christian leaders short-change kids. He believes kids are capable of understanding much more than we give them credit for.

The results? We’re afraid of going deep with kids and “we end up with superficial adults.”

There’s too much at stake to be superficial with what we teach kids. Vischer says: “I’m very intentionally trying to push kids. I would rather go too deep and lose some, than raise another generation of superficial Christians.”

Parents have admitted that even they are learning from the shows.  This time, Vischer’s not losing sight of his vision.

Here’s a trailer for the upcoming “Galaxy Buck:” watch here.

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3 Comments on “Veggie Tales: A Generation of Superficial Christians? [video]”

  1. Great, spreading the WORD. I found a great source for creationism & the universe in the Bible . You have to You Tube this, Hugh Ross , Cosmic Fingerprints. Fascinating

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  3. In general, the Veggie Tales videos are good. I was disappointed at the first “What’s in the Bible?” video. It should have been labeled “What’s not in the Bible”.
    It presented an anti-Biblical view of an “old earth” (billions of years old). It ignored the definition of a day defined in context of Gen.1, “evening and morning” and day “number”. It also ignores Gen.1:31 where everything created was “very good”. The old earthers assume that includes death, pain, destruction, cancer, thorns, etc. buried in the ground at that time. How could you call that “very good”? The old earthers also deny the creation order as given in Gen.1 (the earth first, not the sun). They also ignore Ex.20:11 that says that everything in heaven and earth was created in 6 days. The context is in defining the Sabbath day of the 7 day week. They also ignore Mark 10:6 where Jesus said that man and woman were created at the beginning of the creation (not billions of years later toward the end of the creation based on the modified evolutionary models). Most old earthers also deny the world wide flood that is taught in Gen.6-9. The video should have taught the Biblical model, not the modified evolutionary model as taught by the anti-Biblical old earthers.
    Some good sources of information include “Answers In Genesis”, “Creation Ministries International”, and “The Institute of Creation Research”. I would caution people that Hugh Ross teaches many anti-Biblical views (old earth, ape-men, local flood, death before the fall, etc.).

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