Urgent: “Save the Christians from Genocide!” says Congressman to Shocked Audience [Video]

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Urgent: “Save the Christians from Genocide!” says Congressman to Shocked Audience [Video]

Every 30 minutes, a Christian is martyred in the Middle East.

That’s 48 a day, and over 300 a week.

Christians in the Middle East are being targeted by ISIS and radical Muslim terrorists.

But Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-California) has a great bill which will grant Christians emergency refugee status because they are targeted for genocide.

Congressman Rohrabacher shocked the audience with his no-nonsense assessment.

Sadly, his bill, The Save the Christians from Genocide Act, has been stalled in Congress for the past 7 months. Even worse, Rohrabacher is a member of the majority party!

And current Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is allowing the bill to be buried in committee.

Please sign our petition, and urge Congress to pass HR 4017, the Save Christians from Genocide Act!

Click here.

You can also download a copy of the petition to copy and share with your friends, Bible study, and your church!

Click here.

If you want to learn more about this bill and why Congress is stalling, watch Congressman Rohrabacher on Varney and Company here:

Please email me if you have any questions: craig@electionforum.org

One Comment on “Urgent: “Save the Christians from Genocide!” says Congressman to Shocked Audience [Video]”

  1. I would like to know Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s position on the genocide taking place in America (particularly California) using the corrupt workers compensation system against seriously injured workers. The insurance companies, the surgeons, the lawyers, the employers, and the politicians are getting rich off the backs of injured workers. The injured workers are forced into doctor mills that delay and deny proper care, further damage patients and finally permanently disable them. The medical provider network is full of incompetent and destructive surgeons who are encouraged to maim patients. Injured workers are finally thrown into the ssi system to live in poverty, IF they survive. The system in California delays settlement of wc claims binding them into their medical system so patients cannot obtain proper diagnosis, as physicians outside the mpn cannot treat patients with open wc cases. Doctors and hospitals are not held accountable for damages done during their malpractice, they are protected by the insurance company and politicians. Cases are still open after eleven + years because workers comp does not want to settle them. It is more cost effective to continue to deny medical treatment than settle cases. Now Congress has decided it is okay to deny needed medications to these seriously injured workers, who have been further disabled and left in severe pain by the wc system. How many of these people will die when they are surprised by the new 2017 laws which remove their doctors ability to write medication prescriptions, with no notice and no pain relief options? This IS the definition of Genocide. Who is fighting for American injured workers? I have spoken with Chad Mayes office and Paul Cooks office – Neither of them care to fulfill their obligation to represent the people. They don’t even pretend to care about how badly the injured workers are abused in this system. Do you? Will you do something to help injured workers by forcing the wc system to close and properly settle these cases so people can try to move on with their lives? Many Christians in THIS Country are being abused, while the Church turns their back because they are focused on abuse in other countries. Many injured workers have died or are at the edge of homelessness and many have lost hope in a system that is legally and morally supposed to protect us? If you are really compassionate towards oppressed people, address the corruption in this country before trying to fix others. Workers who have been injured on the job (through no fault of their own) are not asking for welfare. We don’t ask for charity, we want justice according to the laws originally put in place to protect us from abusive employers. You can choose to turn your back and ignore me again, or you can contact me to hear our story. You know how to reach me.

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