U.S. Churches Under Attack: Disruption, Vandalism, and Fire

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Across America, dozens of churches have been under attack.


Disrupting church.

Stealing and vandalism.

And, of course, intimidation.

Churches aren’t alone.

Pro-life pregnancy center have been under attack – one fire bomb.

The spark: The U.S. Supreme Court leak (see “Supreme Court Abortion Bombshell Illegally Leaked – 6 Facts You Should Know As the Media and Politicians Go Ballistic”), and that sparked calls for targeting churches.

But that’s not all.

In California, Christians were killed.

It was a Taiwan Chinese Church…attacked by someone who hated Taiwan and apparently liked Communist China.

That’s why every church should be prepared for the unexpected (see “Stunning: Media Remain Silent on Church Shootings?”).

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The Supreme Court decision and the coming uproar by the pro-abortion extremists is going to get ugly.

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5 Comments on “U.S. Churches Under Attack: Disruption, Vandalism, and Fire”

  1. Anti-Christian sentiment was prophesied by Christ (Matt. 24:9) to occur in the Last Days. We, as believers should not be surprised.

  2. A. All Church Disruptions and Demonstrations Outside or Inside Catholic Churches
    should be on Conservative Television and Conservative Social Media.

    B. Anti-Semitism and the Evil People attacking Law Abiding Jews, Synagogues and Rabbis
    should be on Conservative Television and Conservative Social Media.

    C. Liberal City Councils, Liberal Mayors who Attack Christian Churches Wrongfully should be
    exposed on Conservative Television and Conservative Social Media.

    Corruption, Disobedience, Vengeful Attacks on Godly People and Places of Worship NEED TO BE EXPOSED IMMEDIATELY ESPECIALLY WITH LOCAL PRIMARIES AND THE NOVEMBER ELECTION OF 2022.

  3. I think for many of us, we just didn’t believe we would see this in our lifetime. Things have gotten bad, but scripture warns us, things will get worse and we need to prepare ourselves. No lukewarm believers; seek the Lord daily and often, and take every thought captive to Christ. Don’t fear. Love as Christ would. Just give it all back to Him so that He can guide us. Eventually, every knee will bow.

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