Two Victories for Religious Liberty in California

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California (Credit:

Incredible! Two wins!

Despite the otherwise left-wing tilt of the Golden State, proponents of religious liberty are fighting back and winning.

  1. In Stanislaus County, California, Kali Thomas wrote two poems for a homework assignment. Since the holiday season was right around the corner, she wrote one poem about reindeer and other poem about Jesus.

The teacher rejected the second poem, and told Kali: “You can’t write about Jesus in school.”

After the holiday break, Kali’s parents found her Jesus poem, crossed out with no credit.

They sought legal assistance from the Advocates for Faith and Freedom, who reminded them that hostility toward religious expression is against the law, the Thomas family met with school officials. They realized the teacher was wrong, and gave Kali full credit.

Here is Kali Thomas’ poem about Jesus:


Humble, helpful

Forgiving, loving, caring

Born on Christmas Day

  1. In Lake Elsinore, CA, Pastor Brett Masters established a community development office, the Dream Center, to help the needy, homeless, and otherwise struggling city residents to find jobs and develop their God-given potential. He later implemented a program called “Adopt-a-Block” to help clean up properties and help anyone else in need.

But the city planning commission blocked the project.

What followed? Thanks to Advocates for Faith and Freedom and their legal help, the project is moving forward.

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5 Comments on “Two Victories for Religious Liberty in California”

  1. This is great news, but isn’t the real issue is how we Christians allowed our schools, courts, government, and other parts of our country to become controlled by anti-Christians. Maybe we should think about being Ambassadors for Christ by filling positions in our school boards, so they are not filled with anti-Christian’s.

    If Christians are continually giving up positions of power and influence to anti-Christian’s, then it will not be long before America falls, keeping our children from having the same God given freedoms we have been blessed with.

    I brought this up to my pastor once, but he did not think the pulpit was a to be used to address such things.

    1. Your Pastor is wrong. He is allowed under the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights to talk about secular issues, as long as he doesn’t endorse any particular candidate in an election. The First Amendment doesn’t stop at the church doors. Pastors are fearful of being investigated and losing their tax-exempt status. And I thought Christians are not to be “fearful” of anything! So much for that, huh? Are Christians not to be installed into governmental positions?

  2. This little cities is where each battle starts… This is awesome. Praise the Lord the Parents moved forward on the poem… It sets a great example of being an Ambassador for Christ. It is sad that so many churches feel topics these topics are not worthy of being addressed in church. SHAME ON THEM. MANY CHURCHES ARE AFRAID OF CROSSING THE LINE AND MIGHT LOOSE MONEY IN THE BASKET IF THEY TALK ABOUT THOSE THINGS.

    In reference to the other victory… Praise our God in taking that battle all the way.. Our Father wants us to reach out to the poor and struggling. It is those situations that people see JESUS

  3. Glad to hear people are standing up to those who are against Christians. Most people do not understand the separation of church and state. With the schools, it happens all the time and it is not right. Good for the parents that took on the school about their daughters’ poem. And what was right prevailed.
    The man trying to help the homeless, again the government going against something good. Good to know there are those groups out there helping to fight the good fight for what is right.

  4. Concerning the rejection of a Dream Center for the needy…I’ve learned that the global plan is to bring down America. To take out the middle class and to have as many poor as possible. They think this will even out the world.
    ICLEI has to do with plans for local governments where socialism/communism will prevail through sustainable development programs and everything shall be regulated, zoned, in total government control.
    The organization promotes the following programs for local-level adoption and implementation as described on their website.
    the Rio Conventions:
    The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change,
    The UN Convention on Biological Diversity,
    The UN Convention to Combat Desertification
    Agenda 21
    the Habitat Agenda
    the Millennium Development Goals
    the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation
    ICLEI also provides oversight for the Compact of Mayors, a global coalition of city leaders founded to address climate change at the local level.

    Through overtaxing the American social programs by serving as many as possible from all over, legal or not, and adhering to eviromental regulations, the economic system will collapse and they will get what they want toward this particular item on the globalist agenda. This is happening in Europe and the UK already.
    This plan is laid out by Cloward and Piven
    Cloward and Piven “proposed to create a crisis in the current welfare system – by exploiting the gap between welfare law and practice – that would ultimately bring about its collapse and replace it with a system of guaranteed annual income. They hoped to accomplish this end by informing the poor of their rights to welfare assistance, encouraging them to apply for benefits and, in effect, overloading an already overburdened bureaucracy.”
    Although the liberal leadership and the current administration say they want to help the middle class they mask their true direction. Nor do they want the poor to move up. If you know these things in advance you may be able to stop it in your town.

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