Trump’s New Executive Cabinet, Filled with Born-Again Christians

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Trump’s inner circle should be a group of statesmen focused on prayer, faith, and a servant’s heart.

In fact, that’s exactly what’s happening.

In fact, I’ve never seen anything like it!

First, his Vice-President Mike Pence is very open about his faith in Christ and how it defines him:

“I am a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order.”

But also look at Trump’s recent top picks, all who claim Jesus as their Lord and Savior:

  1. Reince Priebus, the Chief of Staff
  2. Attorney General Jeff Sessions
  3. Department of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson
  4. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos
  5. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price
  6. UN Ambassador Nikki Haley
  7. EPA Director Scott Pruit
  8. CIA Director Mike Pompeo

We expect that more Christians, more men and women of faith, will join Trump’s Executive cabinet and work within Washington DC in the next month.

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8 Comments on “Trump’s New Executive Cabinet, Filled with Born-Again Christians”

  1. Ben Carson baffles me. Best suited for Secretary of Health or Surgeon General over Housing. I lost respect for him destroying Ted Cruz and choosing Trump. Love Betsy DeVos (I’m biased). I like Nikki Haley. Not sure about Piebus’ Christianity and worry about the racial past of Mr. Sessions. Not educated on the rest. My deepest fear as a believer and man of color is Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon…

    1. Hello, Dion.

      I thank you for your comments, but I need to correct something that you wrote.

      US Senator Sessions does not have a “racial” past.

      As a US Attorney and later Attorney General in Alabama, Sessions fought to desegregate schools and he also prosecuted the head of the KKK for killing a black person. He also made sure that the murderer was executed.

      Feel free to email me if you have any other questions:

    2. also stay tuned for the much bigger plans that will be coming forth through HUD and led by Dr. Ben Carson and other awesome leaders throughout the country. It’s what they met with Jim Brown and Ray Lewis about, among many others. Sooner or later, people will reduce the amount of time they spend second guessing our potus-e and more time looking for more information on all of the programs that they have up their sleeve to MAGA.

  2. It is truly exciting to see this developing! It is long past the time when this should have been ‘on the front burner’ with several of Mr. Trumps predecessors.. What is important now is not only have they been named and hopefully, will be confirmed and sworn in shortly……..but that each of them will be solidly serving in their respective area of service but doing so with distinction and honor. And that they will truly be a team in the truest sense of that word. Thank you citizens of the US and above all, thank You Lord Jesus Christ!

  3. Folders closure – I voted for Trump.

    Jerry Falwell, Jr., recently said that the moral convictions (or immoral as it biblically turns out) of Trump’s Secretary of State pick Rex Tillerson aren’t relevant. Tillerson promoted Planned Parenthood and joined others in influencing the Boy Scouts of America to accept homosexuals.

    God defying pursuits like Tillerson’s test the ‘justice side’ of our God of love and justice — something dangerous to America given that God judges nations in this life, and America’s growing ‘Christ-void’ in society and government functionally begs God to allow America’s destruction.

    Such damning evidence regarding Tillerson verifies godless judgment and has me wondering how such godlessness might manifest in his role as ‘chief foreign affairs advisor’ to Trump? Moreover, what does it say about Trump that he chose such a God offending pro-abortion, pro-homosexual candidate instead of a well-qualified true Christian? Let’s hope that Trump does not turn out to be a variant of Presidents Bush Sr/Jr., for whom much campaign ‘Christian and conservative rhetoric’ was followed by constitutional-deconstructionist regional and global engineering at the expense of America.

    From a biblical perspective, the obligation of Christians regarding Trump is clear. This, as per both Romans Chapter-13 and Christ’s command to “give unto Caesar…” as it applies to our constitutional-republic form of government, make clear the Christian obligated to maintain consistent pressure on Congress and President Trump to govern consistent with the ‘original intent of America’s amended constitution.’ And, to end our governments testing the justice side of the very God who judges nations.

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