Trump Promises Conservative Pro-Life Supreme Court Judges

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Donald Trump Lists His Top SCOTUS Nominees (Credit:


Christians and conservatives worry about Donald Trump.

Will he appoint liberals to the Supreme Court?

The next president will appoint two, maybe three court Judges.

They will either be liberal/progressive Judicial activists’ legislating from the bench. Or strict constructionists who will interpret the constitution, not legislate.

Look at the age of the judges:

JusticeChief Justice

John Roberts





Ruth Bader













Hillary Clinton and Bernie Saunders promise to appoint only liberal activist, pro-abortion judges.

Trump, in consultation with the conservative Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society, has selected a list of eleven strict constructionist, pro-life judges for possible appointment.

If Trump keeps his promise, he has provided the best reasons for conservatives to vote for him.

Check out the link here (3 min):

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6 Comments on “Trump Promises Conservative Pro-Life Supreme Court Judges”

  1. IF he keeps his promises. Unfortunately, Mr. Trump reverses his positions frequently, and that makes him somewhat of a “loose canon” as far as I am concerned. We conservatives are in a very tenuous position this election, and either choice is going to hurt this country tremendously.

  2. I understand from Glenn Beck that, the very next day after revealing the list of names, Mr. Trump was already waffling on the list saying he isn’t sure he likes the candidates on it. I haven’t been able to independently verify this, but if it’s true, then this further supports Linda’s concerns expressed above.

  3. My vote for President is for the candidate who has the best chance of picking Conservative judges. We know that Hillary Clinton will only pick Liberal judges, so our best hope in in voting Trump in.

    I have listened to Glenn Beck, but I do not feel he is a rational source of Conservative news these days.

  4. I once listened to Glen Beck every day he was on. But now, I only listen to hear his latest strategy for joining the ‘RINO establishment’ in attacking Trump. I’m not overly excited about the part of trump that is not constitutionalist, because the only way to save America from a political standpoint it is to return the Republican Party to actually being conservative, instead of talking about illegal immigration while doing little about it and reordering the rest of the world while our nation is destroyed by unconstitutional government at home.

    When looking at Cruz’s voting record throughout his whole time in government, he is not just imperfect, but has voted with other RINOs enough to continue their ruining America, along with Democrats who are even worse. Then a study of his Ted’s wife who Ted admits influences him, reveals a globalist woman having done work for those who want to build a regional government using Canada, the US, and Mexico. She would likely encourage Ted to govern like globalist Bush family member would.

    If we keep electing Democrats and RINOs because they talk about conservatism and religion during campaigns, America will not survive much longer, especially given how ruined America is today thanks to Democrats and RINOs. From just a political view, the question is how do we sort out the RINOs who are successful deceivers and who ruin America like Democrats, from real conservatives?

  5. I really like Trump & his stand on strong stand on immigration.
    For a very long time, I’ve been behind him.

  6. Yeah, the word “IF” is the operative word with Donald Trump. “If” Donald Trump keeps his promises. The ONLY thing I agree with Hillary on, is that Donald Trump is a “loose cannon”. It seems that this election is more of “voting against the worse candidate” rather than voting for the best candidate. I was behind and for Ted Cruz, but since he bowed out, who is left? Only Donald Trump. I will support Trump, because he’s a heck of a lot better than “lyin’ Hillary” or is it “crooked Hillary”? It really is “the lesser of two evils” in this election. Unfortunately.

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