The Ukrainian War: Christianity vs. Religion – 6 Little-Known Realities Every Christian Should Know

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There is a spiritual battle waging in the Ukraine.

But most Christians don’t know about the church, Christians and the religious/spiritual conflict going on.

President Biden opened the door to Russian invasion because of his humiliating defeat in Afghanistan and his failure of leadership in displaying strength and determination.

It’s been a tragic political theater of mistakes, blunders, and appeasement.

But behind the chaos, bloodshed, and devastation – Christians and those opposed – facing “religious” opposition is at work.

And there is a lot of deceit and misinformation.

But God is at work also.

Here are four things you should know:

Reality #1: Christianity vs. Religion – The Russian orthodox church is at war with the Ukrainian Orthodox church and evangelicals.

For over 10 years, the Russian Orthodox Church has used Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government to restrict evangelical Christians, crusades, church services, evangelism and much more.

The mission of the Russian Orthodox Church has been to destroy evangelical Christianity as well as other religions that competes with it – all with the help of Vladimir Putin.

Back in 2019, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church officially broke from the Russian Orthodox Church.

The Russian Orthodox Church does not like it.

It lost around 40% of its membership, influence, and revenue.

Thy want to control more, not less.

And they hate that the Ukrainian Orthodox church is not trying to silence evangelicals.

And this invasion is a way for it to bring the Ukrainian Orthodox Church back under its rule.

The relationship between Putin and the Orthodox church has been unusual and very close.

The Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill meets with Putin on a regular basis…

Reality #2: Christianity vs. Religion – Vladimir Putin has a special relationship with the Russian Orthodox church.

Vladimir Putin talks about prayer, about religious values, wears a cross, and is seen as a very devout Russian Orthodox believer.

In a sense, the Ukrainian war is a religious war to uphold the moral values dictated from the Orthodox Russian church against the westernization of Ukraine and the many Russians that are there.

What Kirill says to Putin is probably what Putin will do.

During a recent sermon, Patriarch Kirill said that the Ukraine was engaged in the extermination of Russians in the Ukraine, and he described the war as a spiritual struggle against the West “so-called values”.

For example, opposing LGBT indoctrination.

Putin – the day before his unjustifiable invasion – tried to justify it.

President Putin said to the world Russians and Ukrainians shared Orthodox culture.

That the invasion would restore the unity that the west and Ukrainian nationalists were destroying…

This is not a new thought.

It goes back to 988 A.D. when the prince of Russia was baptized by Byzantine missionaries.

Since then, religious history overlapping the Ukraine and Russsia was baptized by Byzantine missionaries.

Since their religious history overlapping the Ukraine and Russia was a powerful influence.

History was completely disrupted when the Communists came to power in Russia in 1917.

Churches were closed, the church went underground.

The persecution of Christians was intense, including the mass murder of a thousand believers.

In 1991, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the church again became strong and evangelism boomed.

Sadly, the close relationship of both the Russian and the Ukrainian Orthodox churches have become political allies to their respective governments.

Patriarch Kirill said before the invasion, “God forbid that those evil forces that have always fought against the unity of Russia and the Russian church prevail.”

Reality #3: Christianity vs. Religion: The religious community is putting pressure on Patriarch Kirill to stop the war.

The religious leaders across the world have contacted Patriarch Kirill, urging him to withdraw his support for the invasion.

In addition, those in the Russian Orthodox Church have also worldwide moved to ask for a reversal policy.

280 priests and deacons of the Russian Orthodox Church called for reconciliation and an immediate end to Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine stressing that, “The Last Judgement awaits all”.

They went on to say, “We mourn the ordeal to which our brothers and sisters in Ukraine are undeservedly subjected.”

More than 400 ministers of evangelical churches in Russia signed an open letter against the invasion of the sovereign Ukraine.

They said, “Evangelical Christians have been unanimous in condemning the war.”

It said, “Our army is conducting full scale military operations in another country, dropping bombs and rockets on the cities of our neighboring Ukraine. As believers we assess what is happening as a grave sin of fratricide, the sin of Cain, who raised his hand against his brother, Abel.”

Reality #4: The American Church in Action

Churches across America and pastors are urging their people to pray and help send contributions.

For example – Conduit Church in Franklin, Tennessee – the small fellowship raised over $50,000 for relief along the border.

I was recently on a podcast with a leader in reaching out to refugees and he was explaining how throughout the borders, churches have opened their doors, and evangelical organizations have come to help.

Organizations that are helping include the Slavic Gospel Associations, Samaritan’s Purse, small ministries, and individual Christians are all there to share the gospel – to provide food, water, and comfort, to be able to give them guidance and direction of where to stay.

And they are there spreading the gospel.

It is an amazing effort reaching out to over 3 million refugees.

We need to pray for these frontline volunteers working hard for the love of Christ and pray for the hurting refugees.

Indeed, we need to pray that what Putin and the Russian Orthodox church leadership has meant for evil, God would turn to good.

Reality #5: The American Church at Work: What You Can Do

I encourage you to do the following:

  1. Pray: Every one of us can pray.
  2. Volunteer: If you can volunteer to go to the border to help with relief efforts, contact Samaritan’s Purse, the Slavic Gospel Association, and some of the other organizations that are on the front line that combine evangelism, salvation, and ministry help to the broken and hurting.
  3. Donate: Money is absolutely necessary.

One of the organizations I mentioned was through Conduit Church.

You can donate like to Conduit and they will make sure 100% of the money is spent directly on the frontlines in helping the people and to present the gospel.

Click HERE to donate and mention “Fund for Ukraine”.

Or go ahead and send it to Samaritan’s Purse. Click HERE for the donation portal.

Reality #6: The Spiritual War and Prophecy

Without a doubt, a spiritual war is going on and we need to be people of prayer.

Finally, Jesus is coming back…soon.

The fulfillment of prophecy – the end times are here.

Are you ready?

While we don’t know the time or the hour, what we do know is that the time is urgent for all of us to share the love of Jesus, to present the good news of salvation and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, because of his death on the cross and resurrection for the dead.


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5 Comments on “The Ukrainian War: Christianity vs. Religion – 6 Little-Known Realities Every Christian Should Know”

  1. The conflict is not as black and white as you state. The president of Ukraine is very anti-Christian and promoting abortion and sexual sin.

    1. We never said the President and current or past policies of the Ukrainian government is right. It’s not.

      That’s not the issue.

      The issue is the evil unleashed on innocent people and the spiritual warfare/religious conflict going on.

      Further, however you wish to describe the President of Ukraine, the country is one of the few areas in Europe that allows evangelism and is maybe the most active of European nations spreading the gospel.

  2. Good point about Ukraine “allowing evangelism”. Just wish they would convert the their leader who is a pagan Globalist. Western media is very pro-Ukraine and didn’t cover all the killing that Ukraine has done for many years. Yes, there are many innocent people, but the Ukraine government is corrupt to the core. Don’t forget all the bribe money that they paid Hunter Biden and the 10% that went to Joe Biden. It turned out to be a bargain as they now own the current administration.

  3. To Truth Seeker: people don’t convert people. God does! He uses His people and His Word, but ultimately it is God who opens the eyes and hearts. He is in control of all things. His purposes will not be thwarted. We may not understand the “whys”, but we can trust He knows what He is doing.

  4. Thanks for sharing an interesting perspective, Craig. I’m also thankful to your reader “Truth Seeker” for some unbiased commentary. I didn’t see you mention our government’s involvement in bringing about “regime change” in Ukraine back in 2014 and helping make this war happen, however. I also don’t tend to think Putin’s opportunistic pandering to the Russian Orthodox Church indicates genuine devotion to Orthodoxy, much as I’ve never taken Trump’s pandering to evangelicals as proof that Trump is truly a man of faith. But, then, I’m generally out of sync with the dominant strain of American evangelicalism that thinks Christian piety requires loyalty to the Republican Party and what is popularly called “conservatism” these days.

    But as a Reformed Christian, partial-preterist amillennialist with postmillennial tendencies, non-Zionist Bible believer, Christian libertarian, and abortion abolitionist, I’m out of sync with most people on most issues. I do greatly appreciate your focus on humanitarian aid rather than the anti-Russian warmongering that most “conservatives” seem focused on right now.

    For your reference, here are copies of three letters I’ve written to my elected representatives this month. The first two I submitted to my U.S. Senators, Congressman, and President Biden via their respective contact pages. The last I submitted through a “Take Action” page provided by the John Birch Society, noting my disagreement with that organization (which I perceive as protectionist and anti-Russian), to just my Senators and Congressman. You’ll note some duplicated content in the letters, and all but the most recent are long enough to test the limits of your commenting system.

    ************ 1 ************

    Sent to Senators, Congressman, and President via their contact pages.
    17 March 2022

    Subject: End lethal aid to Ukraine and encourage peaceful settlement of Russia-Ukraine conflict

    I’m writing to urge you to oppose sending any, or any additional, lethal aid to Ukraine. By sending such aid, and by encouraging Ukraine to continue fighting against the Russian military, you are prolonging the conflict, delaying a negotiated settlement, and getting more Ukrainians, as well as more Russians, killed. You are also making the U.S. a de facto participant in a war against Russia without the congressional authorization of war mandated by the Constitution, and without any U.S. interest at stake.

    Wars between foreign nations with corrupt or tyrannical governments are not the concern of the U.S. government. The U.S. government’s sole constitutional mandate is to (1) preserve American sovereignty and independence and (2) protect and defend the God-given rights of the American people and of other persons legally present within U.S. jurisdiction.

    People with big hearts naturally and rightly want to help the victims of governments’ wars. And Americans with easy access only to biased and censored media’s anti-Russia, pro-Ukraine narrative naturally want to blame Russia alone for this conflict and to ignore all that has happened and been said since the U.S. government’s interference in the region helped replace the legitimate (albeit corrupt) government of Ukraine with the (more or equally corrupt) one (with fascist elements in its military) currently at war with Russia. But this majority of misinformed Americans do not have a right to force all Americans to support the present Ukrainian government.

    If you insist on violating your oath to protect and defend the Constitution by sending borrowed U.S. money abroad, please limit it to non-lethal aid sent for humanitarian purposes. While you’re at it, please take the one constitutionally sound action you can by making it easier for refugees fleeing the conflict to come to the U.S. as immigrants.

    Thank you for your time.

    ************ 2 ************

    Sent to Senators, Congressman, and President via their contact pages (the last via link to a doc on Google Drive because it was too long for the contact form.)

    16 March 2022

    Subject: Stop interfering in foreign nations and the U.S. economy


    I realize that writing to the sorts of globalists, international busybodies, warmongers, and statists that populate our nation’s parasite (“public servant”) class is usually an unproductive waste of time. I also realize that our new media environment, where most information not matching the narrative of current propaganda gets suppressed, makes this more true now than ever before in American history. All the same, I feel duty bound to write out of love for my country, for its founding principles as summarized in the Declaration of Independence, and for its Constitution (minus such misguided Amendments as those authorizing the income tax and establishing direct election of Senators).

    I urge you to stop U.S. government interference abroad and at home. Our federal government was established solely to preserve our nation’s sovereignty and independence and to ensure the God-given rights of American citizens and legal residents. All the other domestic and foreign activities this government now involves itself in, at ever-growing debt-funded expense, must end.

    The recent U.S. rush to involve itself in a conflict between nations on the other side of the planet highlights how far astray you and the rest of our parasite class continue to take this nation. Although our nation’s interference in 2014 helped bring the current Ukrainian regime into power–a thoroughly corrupt regime with extremist elements rightly called fascists and Nazis, not the heroic defenders of liberty and honest government the present warmonger rhetoric pretends it to be–the current Russian-Ukrainian conflict is none of our national government’s business.

    This is a republic where the rights of minorities cannot be overruled by even the largest majority. This is not a democracy where majorities can force everyone to do what they want. The U.S. federal government, and you as our representatives in that government, have no right or authority to take sides in foreign conflicts for the rest of us. Please repent of the biased actions you’ve already taken and work to return the U.S. to a neutral stance in this foreign conflict that is none of the U.S. federal government’s business. Russia has not attacked us and no one has even proposed declaring war on Russia. That means our government should just butt out. If U.S. citizens want to take sides and provide aid and comfort to one or the other side in this conflict, that is each individual’s God-given right. There is no proper role in this for the U.S. federal government. Stop your foreign interference now!

    The need to end foreign interference goes well beyond the Russia-Ukraine conflict. In addition to its unconstitutional, undeclared wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and areas of the African continent, our federal government, through foreign aid (read: economic interference abroad) for “research,” has funded just the sort of Weapons of Mass Destruction our military failed to uncover in Iraq, chemical and biological weapons in the guise of “research materials.” [The preceding statement probably goes beyond what present evidence can justify. I should have said that this “appears” to be the case given suggestive preliminary data.] This is on top of that same government providing U.S. funds to a Chinese lab possibly responsible for creating the virus that causes COVID-19.

    There’s no telling how much more damage to our own and foreign nations can be expected from our parasite class’s unconstitutional sending abroad of funds borrowed on behalf of the American people. That our “leaders” in this class love corrupt foreign governments is surely no surprise: by and large, these “leaders” are themselves just as corrupt. Please prove me wrong in your case by working to end all foreign aid. Foreign nations must tend to the needs of their own citizens and legal residents. There is no constitutional or moral justification for you, our federal representatives, to continue borrowing money against America’s future to fund your twisted globalist objectives abroad.

    In addition to urging you to end U.S. government interference abroad, whether that interference is military or monetary, I also call on you to end U.S. government interference in the proper functioning of the free market. An engine of miraculous wealth-creation and innovation, the free market only achieves its miracles when allowed to function free from the interference of central planners. U.S. government’s interference in this market is the only thing making foreign despots like the Chinese Communist Party look like they can compete with us on equal footing. A free America would have no difficulty excelling nations with despotic and corrupt governments, from Ukraine and Russia to CCP-ruled China to top-heavy India, if only America’s free market were allowed to actually be a free market. Our nation will never win out over foreign despotisms by becoming more despotic itself. Central planning and manipulation of the U.S. economy will only lead us to ruin.

    The U.S. energy market is a prime example. U.S. energy production should be freed from the “green” constraints currently hamstringing it. The outsize effects of our side-taking in the Russia-Ukraine conflict highlight how badly central planning has messed up U.S. energy. Government should not be choosing winners and losers in the domestic energy marketplace. Government’s misguided skewing of the market in favor of forms of energy incapable of providing baseload grid supply, wind and solar, must end. Government’s skewing of the car market in favor of electrical vehicles that people of average income cannot afford, and which must be charged on a grid where the only efficient carbon-free energy source currently viable, nuclear fission, is hardly used–this, too, must end. A truly free market can solve our energy challenges, even ones we don’t yet realize we’ll be facing. Government central planners like yourself will just keep making our problems worse–unless and until you stop what you’re doing and step aside.

    So, please, I beg you. Get the U.S. federal government out of the business of trying to run the world through interference abroad. Please also get that government out of the business of interfering in the free market at home.

    In an environment of non-interference both domestically and abroad, America can thrive. Unafraid of having assets frozen or being otherwise sanctioned, foreign businesses and governments will again feel free to use us as their bankers and financial facilitators. We might even avoid having our currency lose its status as the world’s reserve currency, something our constant sanctioning of foreign entities threatens to forfeit. As we leave foreign defense pacts and close down our military bases abroad (all over the globe, in fact), our “peace dividend” will be substantial, perhaps allowing our fiscally responsible representatives to make some headway in returning our nation to solvency. At present, I know of only two fiscally responsible representatives, of course, Senator Rand Paul and Congressman Thomas Massie, but a new, non-interventionist order might attract other fiscally responsible people to enter government.

    Though I expect the worst, meaning form-letter responses from your office that show not even one of your interns bothered reading my letter, I do hope for the best.

    Thank you for your time.

    ************ 3 ************

    Sent to Senators and Congressman via
    14 March 2022

    Subject: deregulate American energy industry


    First of all, I’m not a supporter of the idea that we should limit imports or avoid importing oil and other materials. Also, I disagree with some of the wording in the “American Energy Independence” bills S. 3714 and H.R. 6884. For instance, how is Russia’s military action in Ukraine any more “illegal” than our government’s undeclared wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and, even now, areas of the African continent? After all, it looks like Russia has successfully found WMDs in Ukraine of a sort our military failed to uncover in Iraq. And it appears the U.S. government paid for the storage and “study,” perhaps the creation, of these deadly “research” pathogens. [My “it looks like” and “it appears” in the preceding two sentences make this a fairer letter than the one directly above.]

    All that said, I do agree with these bills that American energy production should be freed from the “green” constraints currently hamstringing it. Government should not be choosing winners and losers in the domestic energy marketplace. Government’s misguided skewing of the market in favor of forms of energy incapable of providing baseload grid energy, wind and solar, must end. Government’s skewing of the car market in favor of electrical vehicles that people of average income cannot afford, and which must be charged on a grid where the only efficient carbon-free energy source currently viable, nuclear fission, is hardly used–this, too, must end.

    If there is nothing better on offer than S. 3714 and H.R. 6884, then I see no alternative but to support their passage, in spite of their tendency toward bias in the Russia-Ukraine conflict (which is none of our nation’s business, frankly, even though we did cause it [better: we helped cause it] by helping bring about “regime change” in Ukraine in 2014) and toward a protectionist tone and rhetoric.

    I would like to emphasize, however, that I do not agree with those who think there is something wrong with or dangerous about our importing oil and other resources from places like Russia. Free and open commerce between nations helps to prevent war and conflict by continually demonstrating how the peoples of different nations can work together to make each other more well off. Protectionism in general, and punitive tariffs and sanctions in particular, in contrast, often presage war.

    Make no mistake, sanctions and asset seizures are acts of war. Do not be surprised if the foreign nations we try to control through them respond as though we have attacked them. We have.

    So, in addition to working to free U.S. energy production from its current regulatory straitjacket, please work to end the weaponizing [of] the U.S. dollar and financial system through sanctions. These infringe upon the economic rights of individual American, as do all punitive or protective tariffs. They also threaten our privileged position as the financial center of the world, bankers to the globe, and holders of the world’s reserve currency. Our sanctioning of all and sundry, including the unjust theft of the private property and wealth of foreign citizens not convicted of any crime, causes us more and more to be (rightly) perceived as dishonest and untrustworthy dealers whom the world should not trust with its money.

    Work to end all protective and punitive tariffs and sanctions now. [Note: I specify “protective and punitive” tariffs to distinguish them from tariffs for revenue, these latter being among the few legitimate sources of federal-government funding originally allowed by the U.S. Constitution.]

    Please also work to end the practice of having government officials choose sides for Americans in conflicts between foreign nations. The purpose of the U.S. government is to preserve U.S. sovereignty and independence and ensure the God-given rights of Americans. Telling other nations how to behave, taking sides in foreign conflicts, and sending money and other aid (lethal or otherwise) to foreign nations is no part of the U.S. government’s proper function. End U.S. interference abroad now.

    If you want to work for international “law” and global order, go join an international NGO. Globalist objectives are no part of what you’ve been authorized to pursue as an elected representative in the U.S. government.

    Thank you for your time.

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