Thanksgiving Cancelled Across America: What Churches Did

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In free states across America, people had family and friends over for Thanksgiving…like in the past.

In lockdown states, Thanksgiving was by zoom or some type of odd outdoor limited gathering with masks.

What about the churches with their annual Thanksgiving meals?

The lockdowns devastated these events in many states throughout the U.S.

In the past, my wife and I would help prepare meals at the church or would be involved in a rescue mission by serving Thanksgiving dinner.

This year was quite different. Many churches cancelled their Thanksgiving meal plans for the poor, hurting the lonely and homeless.

But also, many churches went ahead and did what they normally do. Others modified it.

Probably the majority of the churches that had Thanksgiving dinners in the past figured out how to do a pick-up dinner if they didn’t do an event.

Central Christian Church in Mt. Vernon, Illinois is a good example of this. For 24 years they averaged about 2,000 meals, every year, eaten at the church.

This of course gives an opportunity for fellowship counseling and presentation of the gospel.

Not this year!

This year, they were having people drive by to pick-up the meals. About 20% of the meals were delivered to those who did not or could not go out.

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One Comment on “Thanksgiving Cancelled Across America: What Churches Did”

  1. I live in California and it was not that bad. We met as usual with out any problems. God is faithful and He is continuing to sustain us all. I am thankful for Craig Huey and Reality Alert.

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