Tell Congress: Save the Christians from Genocide! (Petition)

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Tell Congress: Save the Christians from Genocide! (Petition)

Every thirty minutes, unspeakable tragedy strikes.

A Christian in murdered in the Middle East!

They have nowhere to go.

In refugee camps, Muslims rape the women, abuse the children, and kill the men.

In Europe, they are no better off, facing persecution from other Muslims, whether in refugee camps or out and about on the street.

Christian Refugees (Credit: Jihad Watch)

Christian Refugees (Credit: Jihad Watch)

Their only hope is the United States.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-California) has submitted a bill, the Save Christians from Genocide Act, which will grant persecuted Middle Eastern Christians emergency refugee status.

Sadly, Congressional leaders like Speaker Paul Ryan has sat on this bill and buried it in committee.

Please sign our petition and urge Congress to take action and “Save the Christians from Genocide!”

Click here.

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