Surprising Reality: State Department and Religious Freedom—7 Things to Know

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Surprising Reality: State Department and Religious Freedom—7 Things to Know

Donald Trump’s most important appointment to his executive cabinet is the Secretary of State.

This role entails more than serving as the chief diplomat for the United States to other countries.

What does the Secretary of State position have to do with moral values and cultural norms?


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and now current Secretary John Kerry exploited their office to force President Barack Obama’s regressive, liberal agenda around the world!

  • The Obama Administration State Department viewed Israel as the bigger obstacle to peace in the region, even though the Jewish State ceded territory little by little to the Palestinians. John Kerry declared that Israel was close to become an apartheid state.
  • Secretaries of State Clinton and Kerry ignored the discrimination and persecution of Christians and other persecuted religious groups around the world to advance their own perverse, secular agenda.
  • Under Hillary Clinton’s tenure, the Department of State declared abortion a sacred right, and promoted its practice all over the world.
  • They threatened countries which oppose same-sex marriage and special rights to individuals who identify as LGBT. Those countries which depend on the United States’ international aid will lose international aid unless they grant those “rights.”
  • S. embassies around the world flew the LGBT Rainbow flag all over the country to show solidarity with the homosexual lobby. But when terrorists killed French nationals or from another country, the state embassies showed no similar tribute or respect.
  • Obama filled staff positions with liberal activists intent on producing policies at odds with Christianity.
  • The State Department turned their back on Christian genocide and refugees in the Middle East.

The next Secretary of State must drain the swamp, including those who undermined marriage, life, and religious liberty.

Her are 7 things that the next Secretary of State must do to protect life and liberty around the world:

  1. Fire all the pro-LBGT and pro-abortion bureaucrats and state employees hired during the Obama Administration.
  2. Demand that all nations respect the natural rights—freedom of speech, freedom of self-defense, freedom of religion—of their citizens, or face sanctions from the United States Government.
  3. Maintain a registry of all religious dissidents who are imprisoned or tortured in other countries.
  4. Train new state department employees to make protection of religious liberty a high priority.
  5. Install a deputy ambassador in each embassy assigned specifically to ensure the protection of individual liberty in that specific country.
  6. Relocate the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, which is recognized as a holy site of Christians and Jews, even though radical Islamic elements resist the full recognition of Jerusalem within the Jewish State.
  7. Provide resources and relocation opportunities for religious minorities fleeing persecution, particularly Christians targeted for genocide in the Middle East.

This is hardly an exhaustive list, but these major reforms will turn the State Department into a beacon of light for religious liberty around the world.

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3 Comments on “Surprising Reality: State Department and Religious Freedom—7 Things to Know”

  1. How likely is it that Rex Tillerson will carry out these duties? Based on my research, he seems to be a horrible pick for the most important diplomat in a president’s cabinet.

    I’m not sure that some of the men you listed put Christ first. They seem to put party and politics first. But they are leaps and bounds better than Obama or Hillary. Paying close attention to the 2016 election caused me to develop a disdain for politics. Lying and hypocrisy seems a necessary evil to be successful in politics.

  2. Must stop LGBT campaign to other nations.

    Also if there were special affirmative policy for LGBT.
    It has to be stopped immediately.

    How come sexual tendency can make a special treatment? Ridiculous.

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