Funny But too True: The Shallow Small Group

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One of the greatest areas for personal and church growth are small groups. They are great places to discover the depth of God’s Word, have powerful prayer, minister and reach out to the community and more.

But too often, small groups are…well, shallow.

Watch this funny, but true video, about 2 minutes.

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4 Comments on “Funny But too True: The Shallow Small Group”

  1. Boy, that video hits the nail on the head. I’m in several Bible study groups, and I have identified members who I don’t want to have them know anything serious or bad about me! No “opening up” about our sins AT ALL. I once “opened up” about wanting to knock someones block off, and the leader (of an Intercessory prayer group, no less!) looked at other members and said “Oh, that’s not biblical!”. Never again did I “open up” about my feelings in that group. Been there, Done that!

  2. .Small groups that are not coerced function in the holy spirit. They are called BIBLE studies. Funny how the unadulterated Word creates the perfect cburch. Hmmm…. what a novel idea.

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