Separation of Church and State [video]

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Here is a short 2.5-minute interview with Ralph Reed. He was aggressively challenged on the Johnson Amendment (allowing pastors free speech) and had an important response about the separation of church and state. About 2.5 minutes.

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3 Comments on “Separation of Church and State [video]”

  1. I wish Ralph Reed would’ve elaborated on the true meaning of the 1st amendment as it pertains to separation of church and state. This phase is one of the most misunderstood ones in modern dialogue. The 1st amendment doesn’t mean that the church stays out of the public arena, it means that the federal government CAN’T make laws telling the church what it can (or can’t) say or where it can say it. That is what “prohibiting the free exercise of” means.

  2. People of faith have been and continue to be under assault by those who target them and their business for not participating in celebrations and events which do not align with their faith. They are not discriminating against an individual but rather the event and their right not to participate.

    These attacks which have the support of many in the political arena have gone unaddressed until now.

    David Hernandez, Candidate for Lt Governor of California 2018.

  3. They changed the constitution in 1960s and added a new way to ratify the amendments to the constitution . no longer did the states have a constitutional convention but any judge could do it. So the constitution has become so watered down that it is meaningless as we become like Austria and the Hitler regime. We have Christians being attacked for their beliefs by 1% of the country. Him Germany had only 6% of Nazis that dictated what the people did just like NK did to the stupid kid when they gave him a bad drug to destroy his brain a sleeping pill to kill your brain an irreversible act. This has been done throughout history. Make promises you know are not true and say it enough for followers to believe it. I was taught that science is an assumption based on facts that can be wrong and did the observations made support the assumption. The scientific fact is in reality a scientific guess made at the time. The left was proven wrong when unbiased computers could not find the link and the data proved it was the original assumption a hormonal dysfunction and a societal disfunction. It will never be proven it is in the DNA nor a virus of the DNA. Computers show otherwise.

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