SB 1146: Death of Christian Colleges and the War on Christianity [Petition]

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SB 1146: Death of Christian Colleges and the War on Christianity [Petition]

The Progressive Left has one core mission:

You must approve of their beliefs, or get punished.

You must obey or suffer the consequences.

What are they doing now? Declaring all-out war on Christianity.

They label Christians as intolerant bigots, hate-mongers, and people with backward views which must change with a more “progressive” society.

Their latest battlefield against Christians? Colleges.

The Human Rights Campaign, one of the most vocal proponents of the homosexual lobby, issued a 112-page report to shame these Christian institutions.

They want to create a narrative that these colleges—and Christians in general—discriminate against people who identity with the LGBT movement.

Nationally, the Department of Education and Accreditation Boards have been aggressive in demanding conformity to the progressive agenda.

The state of California has turned into the key battleground state for this war against Christianity.

The liberal, Democratic controlled state legislatures tried to pass SB 1146, which I call ‘The Death of Christian Colleges Bill’.

SB 1146 would have demanded (or lead to) the following for Christian colleges:

  1. Force them to abandon their Biblical standards on morality and conduct
  2. Eliminate Cal Grants for 16,000 students
  3. Open the door to frivolous lawsuits by students, parents, and staff
  4. Force changes of all dorm, shower, bathroom, and living room policies, violating their biblical principles.
  5. Lose kids who can’t afford these private institutions without Cal Grants, or require them to attend a publicly “blacklisted” college.
  6. Lose their tax exemption status
  7. Lose accreditation

There is good news, though.

The senate bill’s sponsor, Ricardo Lara, has removed the most offensive portion of the bill, which would severely limit the Title IX exemptions for Christian colleges.

But …

This is just a baby step. It’s still a bad bill, and must be stopped.

The key portions removed from the bill will come back next year, with language that is just as bad—or worse—if passed.

Some believe the fight is over because of this small change. But the changes simply set up the colleges for “proof of discrimination”.

This isn’t compromise. This is two steps forward, one step back for the aggressive LGBT agenda. And come next year, the advance against religious liberty begins again.

Please sign and share our petition below, and share it with your pastor, your Bible study, and church.

Click here.

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4 Comments on “SB 1146: Death of Christian Colleges and the War on Christianity [Petition]”

  1. The first Amendment to the constitution guarantees freedom of religious speech in or outside of colleges. But conduct is another issue. Christian colleges want to be able to teach Biblical principles and lifestyles as well. A person wishing to be admitted to a Christian School should
    be willing to obey all rules of conduct of that private school. They should investigate them in advance and be willing to accept them or seek another college.

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