Revolutionizing the Church’s Cultural Impact: Free Speech in Church

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Revolutionizing the Church’s Cultural Impact: Free Speech in Church

In my meeting with Donald Trump, he gave me and other Evangelical leaders a huge reason for supporting him.

He impressed me and others when he said he would do away with the Johnson Amendment.

What is that? Why does it matter?

As U.S. Senate Majority Leader, Lyndon Baines Johnson in the early 1950’s pushed through an amendment to the tax code. It took away the tax exemption status of any church or ministry if they endorsed a candidate.

The church has been pushed into a forced silence because of this amendment, and our culture has suffered ever since.

This amendment has suppressed pastors’ speaking out on political and cultural issues … when in the past it was the pastors who served as the conscience of the community to challenge the wrong and advocate for truth and justice.

No other Presidential candidate, Republican or Democrat, has mentioned getting rid of that anti-Free Speech, anti-First Amendment element of the tax code.

Check out Trump’s biting comments here:

“We’re going to get rid of that Johnson Amendment and we’re going to let Evangelicals, we’re going to let Christians and Jews and people of religion talk without being afraid to talk.”

Trump even claimed that his greatest contribution to assisting the spread of the Gospel would be repealing that amendment.

The big shocker: Trump also called for repealing the oppressive law as a major point in his acceptance address at the Republican National Convention.

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14 Comments on “Revolutionizing the Church’s Cultural Impact: Free Speech in Church”

  1. I believe silencing the pulpits of American Churches accounts for a great deal of the lack of interest in government by Christians. When I was a child, the pastors had the ability to speak to the laws and executive orders without fear of persecution. And limiting the ability to speak openly is persecution and a deterrent to free American proncipals.

  2. I am a believer in God and retired pastor for the A/G – “Assembles of God.” Trump may or may not be a born again believer, But I believe that God has raised him up especially to be the next president and leader of the U.S.A. Just as God “El Shaddai” in the ancient of days raised up men to lead His people. Let’s pray for Trump and that through him God will bring victory in this election – for His Glory. And once more bless our great country again. Can you all say amen and
    Chuck Morris

    1. Amen and Hallelujah! I’ve personally experienced God working through non-Christian people in my life, so I know it CAN be done. So, we need to pray that God will work through other people, especially right now with those in power and those going to be in power.

  3. I totally agree! The Johnson amendment is the key factor is the demise of our country. It doesn’t surprise me at all that 10 years later the Bible and prayer were taken out of schools, then ten years after that we got “roe vs. Wade” then in the eighties (more devastating) no Robert Bork on the supreme court, then open homosexuality in the military, gay marriage and now transgenderism. WHAT’S NEXT? And maybe trump by its repeal, can start to reverse the tide.

  4. I think it will gelp Trump to follow through with what he says with having a good vp pick. But, no matter what happens in November, our Lord is in control and he knows the future! Let us be faithful to love, serve, obey, and trust Him and give Him glory! But, be sure and vote!

  5. So we will knowingly choose a candidate that lack character, integrity and decency because he is going to do stuff for us. Gee, sounds like what we always used to criticize about Democrats. It is shame Christians are putting their hope in a man even against their convictions to choose leaders of integrity instead of placing their hope in God.

  6. Last presidential election 25 million conservatives did not vote. The Democrats won by only 5 million votes. The next president of the United States will have an opportunity to appoint new Supreme Court justices and federal judges. Will those appointed judges honor the Constitution or rule like it is antiquated? It’s not just about this election or the short span of time we live in now. We are living in history (His Story) and what was started over 200 yrs. ago as our nation was birthed in the heart of God. We are continuing what our founding fathers began as an experiment, freedom endowed by our Creator. Whether agreed upon or not, this form of government has Biblical roots. Our participation now is a continuation of what the founders birthed. Their prayers are being answered today in what we do with the freedom and responsibility they passed on to us. Pray and Vote!

    1. Amen and right on! I have not followed any news or gossip about Trump in the past, I have my own short-comings and have need for a Savior for that very purpose. Trump is not a savior, he’ll never be. And what if in the recent past Trump has committed his life to Christ, do we not allow him room to grow ? I’m sure thankful those around me gave/give me opportunity to see and change my own faults. If we are not to judge because that is the Lord’s place only, and Trump’s present words are toward the direction of righteousness, it seems to be right to pray and seek God’s answer for discernment and wisdom for our vote…and Hilary is not even close to the quality of character God approves of. She breaths deceipt. We cannot afford to not have a balanced Court. Supreme, Federal, State., local. We all lose our religious and speech rights and more, should there be a liberal Court replacement . Trump is who God is raising up as our best advocate, a man of faith or not. We will only be represented properly with a conservative Supreme Court Judge. Look out if Trump loses. We will experience the same type, if not much worse oppression than what Old Testament teaches. Trump has promised a conservative Justice of the Court, and shown the list of names. Lets pray and seek discernment with all our hearts poured out to the Lord and HE will make our paths straight because HE cares and will be glorified by our faith in HIM.

  7. At least Trump sees the problems and actually names them. That is more that what I’ve seen from the present administration, and certainly not what we’d get from Hillary.

  8. While the Johnson Amendment should be eliminated and is unconstitutional, there is a far more troubling question our pastors should answer. This is the question of, why so many pastors seem to functionally fear government more than they fear, love, and obey the Word of God? Many pulpits appear to fear Government more than God by ‘editing through omission’ the teaching of God’s Word to the exclusion of so many Biblical commands necessary for America’s survival. Such as, the Biblical commands to oppose evildoers that once had Christians in America fighting to cast out British tyrants and end slavery (example: Psalm 82:4, Proverbs 25:26).

    Many pastors across America fixate on the first 2 verses in Romans chapter 13 which wrongfully gives the impression that evil government is ordained by God. This, when verses 3 through 7 place qualifiers and restrictions on verses 1 and 2 regarding what actions of ‘authority qualifies or disqualifies those claiming authority as ‘being ordained by God.’ The fact is that, Romans chapter 13 does NOT call for ‘unrestricted obedience to government’ as evidenced in the following portions of Romans chapter 13 which ‘places qualifiers and restrictions on actions ‘biblically qualified to be authoritative.’ Here are the qualifiers and restrictions: “…rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil” (therefore, if rulers are a terror to good works, or are not a terror to evildoers, they are not ordained by God). “For he is God’s minister to you for good” (if government is not performing biblically defined ‘good’ it is not of God). “…does not bear the sword in vain…” (those in government using governmental powers unbiblically are not ordained by God). “…is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil.” (if government executes wrath on those NOT practicing evil such government is not ordained by God).

    Add to all of the above, the fact that when Christ commanded us to “give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s,” we must apply that to the fact that we live in a constitutional-republic nation where the ‘rule of law’ is the original-intent of America’s amended constitution. What is today’s the functional version of the Cesar in power at the time of Christ? The answer is evidenced in the fact that government officials and the military at the time of Cesar took an oath to Caesar, while America’s governmental and military officials take an oath to preserve [original intent], protect, and defend the Constitution. Therefore, unconstitutional Government, and/or Government not qualifying to be in authority over us her Romans chapter 13, it Is not of God and is to be lawfully and peacefully opposed if God is to be obeyed.

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