Repeal the Johnson Amendment [Poll]

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Repeal the Johnson Amendment [Poll]

Should pastors be allowed to speak up on current cultural and political issues?

Since 1954, by law pastors have been silent. Before 1954, pastors often spoke up on political and cultural issues.

They were the voice of conscience on cultural and political issues.

In 1954, Congress passed the Johnson Amendment, which said that churches could lose their tax exemption status if they spoke out on political issues.

Donald Trump wants to repeal this law.

Hillary Clinton wants to keep the law.

What do you think?

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We will distribute the results our poll about the Johnson Amendment to

  • Candidates for President and Congress
  • Members of Congress
  • Federal judges
  • Governors
  • State lawmakers
  • Reporters, journalists, and news media executives
  • Radio talk show hosts
  • Newspaper columnists
  • Influential bloggers and news-oriented websites

We expect this survey of Christians to receive wide media attention and the results to be studied carefully by America’s elected officials.

It’s time for pastors to take a stand:

  • For freedom of conscience
  • For religious liberty
  • For the First Amendment
  • For life
  • For Israel
  • For marriage and family

Craig Huey will soon be on TV and radio talking about Christian voters and their opinion on this issue.

Question: Should the Johnson Amendment be repealed so pastors can speak out on cultural and political issues, without being afraid of losing their churches’ tax exemption status?

  •  Yes
  •  No

Fill out our poll here.

We will email you the results in one week and publish them in Reality Alert and on

5 Comments on “Repeal the Johnson Amendment [Poll]”

  1. absolutely Pastors and church leaders need to express their Biblical views including current events that affect Christians at a daily living level.

    This should be repealed.

  2. It is my understanding the Johnson amendment restricts pastors from promoting individual candidates but does not restrict them from speaking about cultural or political issues. Too many pastors/church leaders are afraid they might offend someone in their audience so instead of teaching Biblical truth and liberty they hide behind Johnson amendment and don’t say anything. Shame on them. That said the amendment should be eliminated.
    We need preachers like Mulenberg, Caldwell and Clark who spoke out for Christ and liberty. (1770s)

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