Where Do the Remaining Presidential Candidates Stand on Religious Liberty?

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With three candidates remaining in the race for the Presidency this year, here is everything you need to know about the candidates’ diverse stances on religious liberty:


Donald Trump:

On the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act: Unclear

The incarceration of Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis: She should have issued the licenses, or resigned.


Hillary Clinton:

On the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act: Oppose

The incarceration of Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis: She should have issued the licenses, or resigned.

Bernie Sanders:

On the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act: Oppose

The incarceration of Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis: No Comment

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9 Comments on “Where Do the Remaining Presidential Candidates Stand on Religious Liberty?”

  1. The reason we are now stuck with three constitutional-deconstructionists of varying degrees, two of which are extremely destructive, and Trump being an unknown who thankfully appears NOT to be another in a long line of ‘establishment’ conservative-impostors, is because Christians continue to follow the same pattern of voting for the ‘lesser of two evils’ instead of obeying God by ensuring a godly and constitutionalist candidate is elected.

    The existence of the “Religious Freedom and Restoration Act” evidences the fact that America has been morally, economically, and constitutionally emaciated to the extent that we are attempting to legislate the protection of ‘religious freedom’ while ignoring the true cause of that which threatens ‘religious freedom.’ America’s godless and emaciated condition has been caused by the deconstruction of Christianity since the early 1900s that transitioned Christianity from ‘a faith obediently finding Christ worth reading about, talking about, and representing in society and government to the exclusion of anti-Christian world-views,’ to a ‘feelings-based lukewarm religion that does not find Christ worth representing in society and government.’

    Attempting to remedy threats against ‘religious freedom’ ultimately caused by Christians not finding their own God worth representing in society and government, treats the symptom while allowing the disease to metastasize. Moreover, the Supreme Court, which is poisoned with constitutional-deconstructionists appointed by ‘establishment’ democrat-socialist necessarily antithetical to the constitution, and by constitutionally-schizophrenic ‘establishment’ GOP presidents, supposes the supreme Court is not going to continue their pattern since the early 1900s of increasingly ruling such legislation as unconstitutional.

    If we want ‘religious liberty,’ then the only way to it, is to return the GOP to being ‘the party of the Constitution,’ as opposed to its existing condition of being ‘the party using constitutional and Christian rhetoric that engages in continual constitutional-deconstructionism’ under a number of pretenses. And in order to return the GOP to being ‘the party of the Constitution,’ enough of America’s pulpits, and those enabling them by their attendance, are going to have to return to applying the Word of God to the obligation to represent Christ within our Society and government to the exclusion of God offending world-views and unconstitutional government. The only way to accomplish this, is to end our foolishness in believing that we can continue to vote for ‘the lesser of two evils’ as if we are not going to get exactly what we have gotten, which is ‘more evil in the end.’

    On our present trajectory, our generation of Christians shall stand before God one day giving an account for having allowed the blessing of America’s constitutional-republic to be deconstructed to the extent we brought tyranny upon our own children and grandchildren. America’s pulpits, which all but a rare a few functionally serve to ‘create happy-sheep on their way to slaughter with future generations in-tow,’ must return to teaching that “faith without works is dead.” Works that don’t purchase salvation, but do fulfill a primary purpose for human creation which is to glorify Christ, while providing earthly evidence that faith is true and not an emotionalized or experiential based assumption.

    It’s time we Christians evidence we love and fear our God more than we ‘love and fear our church leadership.’ It’s time for the sheep to respectfully wake up our slumbering shepherds who unlike pre-1900s shepherds having catalyzed the fight against British tyrants and slavery, do little of consequence commensurate with threats that have murdered 55 million unborn children and destroy America. Only then, when those claiming Christ no longer offend God by not finding God worth representing in society and government, can religious liberty be secured.

  2. There is a lot more to this than just a few statements Trump made about Kim Davis at the time. He has indicated at other times that he is for religious liberty and freedom. I believe he made this “off the cuff remark” because he was being pressed, by the relentless “press” so rather than engage a long battle where they would spin his remarks, he felt she should follow the law as it was made. I also think that Donald Trump is a reasonable person, who if more is explained to him about a situation and he has the time to consider all sides, it he will make the choice that favors freedom.

    1. I share your assumptions and expectations that Trump will react favorably to those advising him. Of course, that assumes Trump is not duped into excepting ‘establishment’ conservative-imposters and other constitutional-deconstructionist as advisers.

      I hope Trump does not make the mistake of taking on an ‘establishment’ VP. An ‘establishment’ VP likely to hide his/her true ‘RINO nature’ behind conservative and Christian rhetoric while, if circumstances arise affording such opportunity, is sure to govern with constitutional-schizophrenia including globalism highly destructive to America.

    2. Trump will follow the choice that favors money in his pocket. His most recent minister says that he doesn’t regularly attend church…..

  3. Craig, I find it sad that you reiterate the main-stream media’s message that there are only 3 candidates left in the race. The fact is, Darrell Castle from the Constitution Party is a very viable option for POTUS, and deserves the consideration of true Christian constitutionists. I wish you would have included him in your analysis.

    Castle is miles ahead of Trump when it comes to true conservative values and track-record; conservative being defined as: “resistance to change from the original intent of America’s amended Consitution”. He is also more liberty-minded than most Libertarians. His constitutional adherence is in itself enough, but he is also a Christian man of seemingly moral character, evidenced by his involvement in his church and in missions.

    It doesn’t matter a candidates purported ‘electability’ against the opposing party, or how much coverage they receive from the MSM. Christians who vote for ‘the lesser of two evils’ in this election, will still be voting for evil. As Christians, we are called to oppose evil – which means we are always to do the right thing – and then leave the results to God. Faith without works is dead.

    I hope as an one who has the ear of, and as one who potentially influeces fellow Christians, that you would champion the true Constitutional candidate, or at least include him!, and not simply write him off as the MSM does. I would encourage any other pastors who have the attention of their congregations to do the same.

    1. Nate, I agree with you, but you have to remember that we have to be practical, too. If you vote for the “ideal” candidate (and NOBODY is ideal) and he/she has NO chance of winning, then your vote is wasted. Sure, God will honor you. But it is the same as NOT VOTING: that’s how much good it does. This election is probably the worst election in our lifetimes. But we all know that either Trump or Clinton will win. So, it basically comes down to voting “for the lesser of two evils”. I supported Ted Cruz, but he dropped out, so…what’s left? Hillary is just an extension of Obama and probably worse, because she CRAVES power more than anything. I looked in my Sample Ballot and Voter Information booklet and can’t find this Darrell Castle or the Constitution Party at all. How is anybody to know about him or vote for him if he’s not even listed? Remember: God is in control and He has a plan, whether we realize it or not. God’s candidate will win. We are just to vote and pray, pray, pray.

      1. John:

        This website should spend far more time calling for Christians to engage the GOP primary election process early enough to represent Christ within the process ensuring godly constitutionalists are fielded and elected so we are choosing between ‘the greater of two godly constitutionalists,’ so we can stop these God offending debates about Christians needing to vote for ‘the lesser of two evils.’

        I respectfully submit to you that Christian GOP voters continue to myopically fixate on individual elections, while failing to see the destructive results of continuing to vote for ‘the lesser two evils’ as part of an ongoing pattern.

        With 98 million Americans claiming Christ there is ‘zero excuse’ for Christians have been told they must vote for ‘the lesser of two evils’ for nearly a century. With 98 million Americans claiming in Christ, the issue should easily be a matter of ‘voting for the better of two godly constitutionalists.’ Christianity in America has been deconstructed since the beginning of the 1900s, from a pre-1900s ‘faith’ with a healthy-fixation on glorifying Christ with ‘works,’ to a post-1800s ‘religion’ with a godless fixation on ‘what God does and will do for us.’ This edited version of Christianity has ensured God is no longer represented in society and government which explains the ‘Christ-void’ created by ‘works deficient’ Christians that has nearly destroyed America – and has us voting for ‘the lesser of two evils’ instead of ‘the better of two godly constitutionalist.’

        You state that, “If you vote for the “ideal” candidate (and NOBODY is ideal) and he/she has NO chance of winning, then your vote is wasted.” It is vital to distinguish between that which constitutes an ‘ideal candidate,’ versus a ‘candidate who is deficient to the extent of being far outside the realm of not ‘ideal,’ thereby bringing destruction of a lesser degree and different type then do Democrats.

        Having performed an analysis of America’s trajectory toward destruction since approximately the year 1900, it is crystal clear that what is a labeled as ‘establishment GOP candidates’ are in no way merely “not ideal.” When these ‘establishment’ constitutionally-schizophrenic/globalist candidates are elected, as with Presidents Bush Senior/Junior who sacrificed America in pursuit of what they specified on national television as being a ‘new world order,’ the affect upon America economically and in the form of deconstructing our constitutional-republic in favor of a system of global governance, constitutes highly destructive actions that are not conservative, not mere imperfection, and in direct violation of their oath of office.

        You further state, “God is in control and He has a plan, whether we realize it or not. God’s candidate will win.” Was this the case when Woodrow Wilson and Obama who governed unconstitutionally bringing destruction upon America were elected? No. This is because God will control what God decides to control based on the criteria for love and justice God defines for us in scriptures. And because God is not a ‘God of love,’ but is a ‘God of love and justice,’ who judges humans in the afterlife and nations in this life, God will likely not save America from destruction caused by citizens claiming Christ who place the label of ‘CHRISTIAN CHURCH’ on a building, read and talk about Jesus, then fail to obey biblical trues by continually failing to represent Christ in society and government.

        Yes, we must repent and pray. But when we are done repenting and praying we must act as if “faith without works is dead.” This, instead of treating God like an ‘almighty-servant,’ who when prayed to, will remedy all of the destruction and evil created by Christians not finding God worth representing in society and government. God will allow those claiming Christ to destroy America by not representing Him, because to do anything else would make God a ‘god of injustice.’ 98 million ‘Christians’ who allow 55 million unborn children to be murdered, and their constitutional-republic to be co-opted by Christ-offending global-engineering ‘enlightened-humanists’ and their useful-pawns deserve earthly destruction and internal damnation (Luke 12:57 – Yes, and why, even of yourselves, do you not judge what is right?).

        ‘Lesser of two evils’ voting as part of a decades long pattern is merely godless humanistic reasoning editing out the fact that ‘the lesser of two evils’ only exists because those claiming Christ failed to represent Christ in the election process early enough to ensure godly constitutionalists are fielded and elected — and that takes us all the way back to the Luke warm pulpits of America that functionally serve to create happy sheep on their way to slaughter, with future generations in-tow.

  4. People that ‘actually’ follow Christ (that means allowing Him to be the LORD over your life) recognize that the government has become a sick/perverted/corrupt institution, far from God. This hasn’t just happened it has been deteriorating for many many years and with this present administration has become obvious to all. However, that enlightenment is what has led us to acknowledge we need someone to shake up the mess and like him or not, we would not have become so aware/awakened without the honest speak of Donald Trump. God may well have a plan for our Nation, He may well have heard our pleas and will work thru a most unusual candidate, but is this anything new? No, God has used the most unusual picks throughout history, all it takes is someone willing to listen & learn and that is what we have in Trump. He said in a very recent interview that he reads “passages” every day. Recognize that many Christian leaders have come along side of Mr. Trump and have him in their daily prayers, and if anyone has experienced the power of prayer then they will know God is working. Keep Mr. Trump in your prayers as it appears he may be moving closer to God, building a relationship and if that is all that comes from this we have achieved something wonderful!

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