Religious Persecution and Restrictions Increase in India

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Religious Persecution and Restrictions Increase in India

India is the largest democracy in the world.

It’s also an incredible field for Christian missions.

But Christians—and Christian missionaries—in growing parts of India face terrible persecution:

  • Violence
  • Beatings
  • Murder
  • Destruction of churches and home
  • Christian businesses are targeted as well

And now the Indian government is enacting new restrictions against religious liberty.

The Indian Ministry of Home Affairs has changed the reading of one law, the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. The law initially states that Indians cannot accept any money from a foreign government or any other entity which is directly intending to harm the country.

The intent of this new legal interpretation is to crack down on Non-Government organizations which act as terrorist fronts. But advocates for this change also argue that no group should promote values contrary to the national values of the government.

The extension of this law will include targeting Christian missionary groups!

Can you imagine Christian missionaries who cannot spread the good news? Can you imagine local churches and Bible Studies who depend on foreign donations forced to close down or go into hiding in order to receive financial support?

Christians in India (Credit:

Compassion International, a well-known, world-wide Christian charity, has pleaded with the federal government to pressure India to change this new policy.

If nothing happens, 570 churches, charities, and other organizations in Indian which depend on Compassion International will lose funding. 145,000 Indian children will be affected.

This is one of the most restrictive attacks on religious liberty and charity yet!

Please pray for our Christian brothers and sisters, and let us pray that the Indian government backs off this unjust ordinance.

This is a clear case for on  Trump’s new ambassador of religious freedom can take a stand.

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2 Comments on “Religious Persecution and Restrictions Increase in India”

  1. How can India be a democracy if democracy means consent of the governed with basic rights for everyone? Does everyone vote in India? Do they have free regular elections? Do they have elected legislators? You describe a grim picture after telling us that India is a democracy. Does this mean that the majority of the voters in India are hostile to religious liberties?

  2. A fair reading of history would show that, with few exceptions (and excluding the crimes against humanity committed by foreign Islamic regimes), India is and has always been a very religiously tolerant civilization. Every religion on earth is there, and many religious were founded there. Jews and Christians have been in India for almost 2000 years and there is absolutely no record of antisemitism in India, past or present – unlike Christian Europe which persecuted, robbed, abused, degraded and murdered the Jews, and wherein decades of holy wars occurred between Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox Christians. America’s founding generation understood this history well, and American republican Christianity is opposed to the evils of Old World monarchistic Christianity.

    “A Christian cannot fail of being a republican. The history of the creation of man, and of the relation of our species to each other by birth, which is recorded in the Old Testament, is the best refutation that can be given to the divine right of kings, and the strongest argument that can be used in favor of the original and natural equality of all mankind. A Christian, I say again, cannot fail of being a republican, for every precept of the Gospel inculcates those degrees of humanity, self-denial, and brotherly kindness, which are directly opposed to the pride of monarchy and the pageantry of a court. A Christian cannot fail of being useful to the republic, for his religion teacheth him, that no man ‘livith to himself.’ [Romans 14:7] ” – Benjamin Rush (1746-1813), signer of the Declaration of Independence for Pennsylvania, “On the Mode of Education Proper in a Republic”, 1798 ( )

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