Religious Freedom and the Coronavirus Restrictions on Churches: 3 Surprising Things You Should Know

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In “lockdown” states – like California and Illinois, churches are seeing their
ministries crushed and severely restricted.
Here are 3 surprising things you should know:

  1. The Great Divide: Churches Back to Normal in Most States – face masks, lockdowns in some states.

There is a great divide in America. It’s between the free States and the

“Lockdown” or slave states.

In Tennessee, Florida, Texas and about 36 states, full church services are being

held just like before the pandemic:

It’s actual in-church services (not outside) with worship and singing,

praying…Bible Studies.

  • The services are indoor.
  • No social distancing (unless you want to).
  • No masks (unless you want to).


  • Worship and singing,
  • Teaching and preaching,
  • Praying and fellowship.


Ministry is going on. Small groups. Sunday School. Men, women, singles.

Evangelism and community service.

In California, Illinois, New York and other “Lockdown” or slave states, it’s like a Socialist top-down tyrannical dictatorship. The governor and local authorities dictate what a church can and cannot do.

  • No indoor services.
  • No worshipping.
  • No – or very restricted – ministries.
  • No home Bible studies.
  • No Sunday School

And more.
The church mission…and fellowship…is being politely crushed.

  1. Church lawsuits are in every “Lockdown” or slave state.

Lower Court judges have been giving churches losses and victories – based on their judicial philosophy. These will be going to the Supreme Court.

In Pennsylvania, Federal Judge William Stickman ruled the governor’s lockdowns on businesses and churches were unconstitutional.

The judge ruled the government violated the First Amendment rights of assembly and the forced stay-home and business closures violated the due process and Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.
“Judicial Activist” judges who support the Democrat Governors’ lockdowns are finding in favor of the government shutting down churches and businesses.

“Strict Constructionists” judges are rightly interpreting the Constitution,
protecting rights, freedom and choice.

  1. The statistics prove lockdowns/church restrictions are unnecessary.

Take one of the most restrictive States – California.

  • 13,978 have died from coronavirus in California.
  • Over 80% are over 70 years of age.
  • Over 80% have had cancer, heart problems, or some other problems they were dying of.
  • Most have been in nursing homes.

Juveniles rarely get it and those who have died had comorbidity. Young people find their immune system can handle the virus well. Roughly 2,800 people between 18-25 died in a state of over 40 million.

  • The hospitals are not overrun.
  • Death is not the issue.
  • The lockdown doesn’t make sense.
  • Church lockdowns don’t make sense…and are unconstitutional.

The goals for closures keep changing: to stop the hospitals from being overrun…to stop millions of deaths…now church closures are being forced on Christians until everyone takes the new vaccines.

Don’t be fooled or misled by the media and politicians. They are playing
politics…and crushing the church is the hidden agenda. The statistics prove lockdowns/church restrictions are unnecessary.

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