Protect Christian Colleges from Being Outlawed [Petition]

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Protect Christian Colleges from Being Outlawed [Petition]

Across America, the Progressive Left is seeking ways to destroy Christian colleges.

California is often the leader in liberal attacks on Christianity. And now one of the worst efforts to undermine the First Amendment is being debated right now in the California state legislature.

SB 1146, written by state senator Ricardo Lara (D-Long Beach, Huntington Park), would open up Christian colleges to lawsuits, charging them with discrimination, if they do not renounce their biblical values and mission to accommodate the LGBT agenda, including homosexual identity, same-sex marriage, transgenderism, transgender bathrooms, and so on.

Imagine a Christian college forced to limit their courses, sermons, and campus expression of the Gospel, biblical marriage, and the traditional foundations of gender identity.

How can you help?

If you live outside California:

  1. Pray for the Body of Christ and our leaders, that Christian colleges, including students and parents, will rise up to fight this bill.
  2. Contact anyone you know who is in California to help us.

If you live in California, you need to help right now!

Please fill out the petition below and share it with friends and neighbors!

Petition: Stop SB 1146


Once you sign the petition, we will give you updates and recommendations to stop SB 1146.

Email me your thoughts at

13 Comments on “Protect Christian Colleges from Being Outlawed [Petition]”

  1. Residents of California are Citizens of the United States of America. If the State of CA. does not adhere to the US Constitution it is in violation.
    The idea that anyone can outlaw, ban, or forbid Christian colleges, which are in total agreement with our Declaration of Independence and US Constitution, is laughable. Strike down this ridiculous SB1146 and get to better business of the State, such as investigation the truthfulness of the EPA reports which are causing homes to be taken from people by rezoning techniques.

  2. Please vote no on SB1146. Christians have the constitutional right to educate according to their faith and beliefs.

  3. People of Jewish faith are discriminated against at local California universities. Now Christian colleges. We must defend them. We must defend “us”. My concern is much more broad than colleges though. I feel as though this is a tipping point, and oppression beyond imagination is the moment in motion against Judeo-Christian religious freedom. This may well be the fight of our lifetime. As Jana Alyra sings for children, “I will fight this fight, I will serve you Lord in all I do”…

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  5. Offense is subjective.
    Our culture has tied ideology to emotions. It has now demanded that the emotional comfort of some be held in higher regard than the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech of millions of Americans.
    No Christians have ever harmed any in the LGBTQ community. Those opposed to traditional Christian values thrive on the presumed perpetuation of “hate” and lose all traction without it.

        1. The bill is going before the Assembly Appropriations Committee today. Call your assemblyman and tell them to vote No on SB 1146!

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