Pro-Life Setback by Liberal Judges: Five Things to Know [Video]

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Pro-Life Setback by Liberal Judges: Five Things to Know [Video]

The Supreme Court of the United States just gave the greatest victory for pro-abortionists since Roe v. Wade.

In the case Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, SCOTUS ruled that Texas’ pro-life, pro-woman law HB2 was unconstitutional.

Their reasoning? The law placed an undue burden on women seeking an abortion.

What was this undue burden?

Simply requiring that abortion clinics operate with a minimum of health and safety standards. The law also required that abortion doctors have the same training and expertise as other specialists in any hospital.

In other words, since an abortion is an invasive medical procedure, a woman seeking an abortion should receive the best care possible under the most basic of standards.

Once again, the anti-family left is using unborn children as political pawns to push their destructive agenda.

While they push for “reproductive rights”, pro-life advocates are still pushing back, fighting for the essential human right of every baby to live. [Psalm 139]

How can pro-life forces better fight and win?

  1. Inform friends and family about the devastating consequences of abortion: disease, depression, substance abuse, even suicide.
  2. Stress forgiveness. A woman who has had an abortion needs to know that Jesus’ death on the Cross atones for all sins, including abortion.
  3. Not only should we be pro-life, but we need to be pro-adoption! Many people seek abortion because they cannot afford to raise the child.
  4. Vote! Christians need to vote their values, and demand that their lawmakers respect the right of every human being to live. Remember, 3-4 Supreme Court Justices will be appointed by the next President and confirmed by the U.S. Senate. Your vote in the next Presidential election matters for life.
  5. Let us grieve for every lost life, for every potential life that could have done so much for the world. #AllLivesMatter

Below are two videos you should watch:

Here is the Federalist Society’s explanation of the case here:

Check out the reaction of Russell Moore from the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission:

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2 Comments on “Pro-Life Setback by Liberal Judges: Five Things to Know [Video]”

  1. Psalms 82:3-4: Defend the poor and fatherless; do justice to the afflicted and needy. (4) Deliver the poor and needy; free them from the hand of the wicked.

    The five recommendations you gave regarding ‘how pro-life forces better fight and win,’ is well done — especially forgiveness. Bottom line on the abortion issue is that, if the pulpits of America don’t return to what they were doing far more in pre-1900s America by admonishing their flocks of their obligation to represent Christ in society and government, then there is no hope for turning America away from national-suicide, let alone ending abortion.

    British tyrants and slavery were fought because enough pastors in America admonished their flocks of their obligation to oppose evildoers with representation of Christ. Today, 55 million unborn children have been murdered in America because today’s Americans who claim Christ do not engage in the activity level of pre-1900s Christians, in representing Christ in society and government. The standard for Christian activity level God would like to see was set forth by the apostles. And until enough Christians transition from talking about how evil things are, and doing things like blaming it on ‘end and times scenarios’ and ‘the providence of God,’ or fixating on the rapture at the expense of engaging in biblically mandated ‘works’ to the glory of Christ, the status quo of America ‘testing the justice-side’ of our God of love and justice shall continue. Moreover, if the existing percentage of the 98 million citizens claiming Christ in America willing to represent Christ in society and government is not substantially increased, than every election cycle 98 million Christians will continue to be in a position of having to vote for ‘the lesser of two evils which always brings more evil in the end’ instead of obeying and glorifying Christ by ensuring Christian-constitutionalists are fielded such that they are voting for ‘the greater of two godly constitutionalists.’

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