The Prayer of Phil Robertson: Too Much or Just Right?

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Prayer in the name of Jesus at a public sporting event?

Sounds controversial, even disruptive.

But that’s exactly what Phil Robertson did.

The Christian patriarch of the celebrated TV Reality Show “Duck Dynasty” gave the following prayer at a NASCAR event along the Texas Motor Speedway last month:

“Father, thank you for founding our nation. I pray Father that we don’t forget who brought us – You. Our faith in the blood of Jesus and His resurrection. Help us, Father, to get that back.”

Many Facebook fans criticized him.

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6 Comments on “The Prayer of Phil Robertson: Too Much or Just Right?”

  1. NASCAR has someone say a prayer before the start of every race. I think it’s great. The nay sayers will be sorry some day.

  2. We need Jesus more than ever to be the foundation of America. They knew what they were getting when they asked him to pray and the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion not freedom from religion. However, this also encourages others to use the same “freedom” (who don’t worship or know Jesus) to pray to their gods at NASCAR .

  3. I applaud Phil Robertson for his boldness! We should all look at his example & not let anyone dictate where/when we can pray over others. Those who don’t like it, cover your ears! But we shall continue to pray for them as well.

  4. It’s sad we even have to ask this question….we need to see more “Jesus with skin on” Thanks
    Phil Robertson

  5. AMEN to all the other previous comments!!! My husband and I applaud the courage and integrity of Brother Phil. God, is indeed, still on His throne!!!

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