Have Prayer (and Food Trucks), Will Travel to Share the Gospel

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Have Prayer (and Food Trucks), Will Travel to Share the Gospel

My wife Shelly and I were introduced to the world of food trucks by our son Asher in Washington DC. It’s a gourmet and innovate way of dining out.

In the past, I would never eat at a food truck. All of that has changed. There is even a “food truck” place once a week where we live, and we often go to.

Now take the food truck to a different level—food and prayer for the poor. More churches and Christian groups are using food trucks as part of their ministries.

Allen Lutes of Forth Worth, Texas isn’t just a chef, but a minister of the Good News. He owns a food truck which he calls “The Five and Two Food Truck,” named after Jesus’ miracle of the loaves and the fishes.

Lutes’ guests hesitate at first, then they gladly come forward, receive his food and nourishment from the Word of God. Twice a month, his truck serves at the Presbyterian Night Shelter, which cares for women and children.


What an incredible ministry.

Sadly, food trucks are also under attack from lower-level government bureaucrats who want to put them out of business!

Let’s pray for these ministers, and let’s pray that nothing stops them in the preaching of God’s Word while feeding the needy.

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