Stunning: Praising God in the Midst of Pain and Death [Video]

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Finally, please watch this powerful video with Bob Dutko.

You may have heard Bob Dutko on the radio. He is very good.

One day he was having ice cream with his daughter. As they were leaving the shop, his daughter collapsed in his arms.

Immediately he began CPR. The paramedics arrived and continued rescue efforts.

She was rushed to the hospital about a mile away.

Doctors worked on her frantically.

An hour later, the chief emergency room doctor said the words nobody wants to hear: “Mark the time of death.”

It was all like a scene out of a movie, says Bob Dutko, in describing the chaos and Herculean efforts of trying to save his daughter’s life.

“I’m praying and begging God that I would do anything, every sales pitch I could come up with.”

But he knew his daughter was gone. And he knew where she was.

How he reacted to her death just may amaze you.

How will you react if you ever hear the doctor say, “mark the time of death”?

Ask yourself the question Bob had to ask himself.

Why do I serve God? Because of how He performs? Or because He is God?

Watch Bob’s incredibly moving story in this 15-minute video:


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