Praise God!!! Going Back to Church Again – What I Experienced

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This last Sunday, I went to church again – Praise God!!

Across America, churches are opening again.

There is no science or data for churches to stay closed.

There is no constitutional exception for churches to stay closed. 

There is no reason for churches to stay closed.

Only power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats with a prosocial; control ideology want to keep churches closed.

And Christians are not taking it any longer.  The rules and regulations are unconstitutional.  They violate our First Amendment rights.

I flew from California to Tennessee.  My wife and I were in an area called Franklin.  Off the plane, for the first time we went to a sit-in restaurant.

Yes, a restaurant where we sat down inside with lots of people.

Yes, a restaurant where people did not wear a mask, and everyone felt safe.

And, it was an awesome experience.

Then, we went to church on Sunday.

Across America, churches are opening their doors again.

Some churches have already opened their buildings for fellowship.  The one we went to, Grace Chapel, was a drive-in church.

Cars were situated on a hill – in a row of about 200 vehicles.  They were filled with families, couples, and individuals.

The worship team and pastor were on a large stage with a large screen and a speaker.

In addition, you could turn on an FM station and hear the broadcast live.

It was wonderful to fellowship together. 

It was awesome to see Christians raising their hands and not staring at my iPhone or computer.

But, to see something live is a whole different feel.  People were energized.  They were speaking to one another.  They were praying with one another.  They were ministering to one another.

Most stood outside their car for worship.

Until it began to rain, most experienced the service outside.

No mask. 

No fear. 

All for Jesus. 

They were getting to worship the One who sacrificed and has transformed us. 

What was evident was the joy of being together…centered in worship. 

What was evident was just love for Jesus.   

What was evident was just peace of being safely together. 

What was evident was just hope for God’s hand on the future.

There was every kind of car…from 30-year-old Fords to high-end Porches. 

We all gathered (together) excited that next Sunday, a county-wide assembly of churches will meet on Pentecost Sunday.  Then, the first week of June, churches will reopen their doors.  The excitement was in the air.

No bureaucrat threats.

No power-hungry politician demanding secular obedience.

No media shame.

No Facebook criticism.

Nothing can stop God’s people from being Salt and Light, and coming together in koinonia fellowship.

Nothing can stop us from being obedient to Hebrews 10:25 “…not forsaking the assembling of ourselves…”

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4 Comments on “Praise God!!! Going Back to Church Again – What I Experienced”

  1. Yes!! Praise God!! I was sure you weren’t in CA when you went to church, but on May 31st, at least 1,000 churches will be open. Sadly, our pastor is ready to wait until July or August to open. He thinks that the 30 minute online “services” will suffice until then. Of course, I disagree. He also took the government “help”, which I also disagree with.

    In Blue states, we can expect these shut downs on a regular basis, because we acquiesced so easily. Every time something comes along that they can use for an excuse, it will happen again. If faith leaders don’t stand up for their Constitutional First Amendment rights, we will completely lose them.

    Thank you, Craig Huey, for standing up for our rights and leading us responsibly.

  2. I’m so happy to hear that churches are opening and gathering to praise our Lord Jesus. It’s been our prayer too
    In our case we never closed our church
    We called the body of Christ to prayer and gatherer groups very early in the morning and late afternoon during the week.
    We rotated the congregation to come for the 2 services that we hold on fridays and sundays
    The Lord led us to do it and we had to be obedient.
    We took the precautions that our county required and always be ready in case the police showed up. Thank God every thing has been running smoothly…. definitely it’s the grace and favor of God
    Our main focus has been prayer and we’ve seen the body of Christ response in a way that we didn’t expected in the beginning
    To our God be all the Glory!!!

    We have to be strong and courageous, God is for us and not against us!!!

  3. I’m a Believer. But I don’t understand why people are insisting on their Rights when we have a Health risk ongoing.

    Everyone needs to think about what will happen next time ~ when we’re not required to stay home and the next virus is ten times worse. Not only will Christians be accused of being uncaring and not respecting others, but they will be referred to as “hateful” and be hunted down, possibly massacred in the very churches they demand to be open.

    Why don’t we want to portray ourselves as loving, caring, cooperative and helpful?
    Do we not know our bibles?
    Will we cause the spread of death & disease in the Name of God next time?

    Think about it… Our Right to exercise our faith was not taken from us. We found ways to communicate and to see one another. No one passed a law against religion. We can worship God anywhere, anytime.
    0nly Catholic Christians believe God can’t be found anywhere but in their cathedrals & chapels.

    Do we misunderstand the scripture that says “not to forsake the gathering of the brethren”?
    Do we not know that it is referring to God’s Holy Days? In Jesus’s day many were not obeying the scripture. Many didn’t observe the Feast Of Weeks. Jesus had to tell his disciples to go to Jerusalem for that. If they hadn’t been there they would have missed Pentecost. And still today God’s Holy Days are largely ignored. These were observances which required the people’s participation. We are to gather together and to observe each of them the best way we can.
    These gatherings are what we were not to forsake.

    Even the biblical weekly Sabbath law doesn’t require “gathering,” although we’ve made it a good habit and the Church has made us believe it.

    Think about it ~ No one really forsook our gatherings anyway.
    We didn’t decide we no longer wanted to attend church. In fact the opposite took place.
    Beforehand, we didn’t accuse people of forsaking the rest of us when they stayed home because a family member got sick. So why are we pretending that’s what’s going on now, that there is some sort of forced forsaking?
    Someone yelled “constitutional rights” and everybody piled on.

    I’m disappointed in my fellow Believers. In 8 weeks you were up in arms. Not willing to go the distance.
    I believe the following pestilences will be worse. Death tolls will be higher. It will be very dangerous to go out. Food will be hard to find. Thieves and murderers will be out of prison.
    And what will we do when we are looking at 3 1/2 years of real tyranny?

  4. So that I don’t leave the wrong impression, I’m very much in favor of opening business and work. Respectfully and in safety.

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