Pastor Judah Tells Maria Shriver: Believe in God

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Maria Shriver, former First Lady of the state of California, and a member of the well-known Kennedy family, sat with Pastor Judah Smith about his new children’s book I Will Follow Jesus Bible Storybook.

Shriver asked Pastor Judah a pretty blunt question: “Why should I believe in God?”

Smith answered that he does not like telling people why they should worship Him.

                                                            Maria Shriver (Credit: Angela George)

But he did offer sound advice notwithstanding:

“I believe we were designed inherently to be worshippers, and I think you see it in the culture. We end up worshipping greatly athletes and entertainers.

“I also believe that if there is a God and He’s big and real, then He’ll actually meet you in a genuine and authentic way. That it won’t just be blind faith …”

“If you want to believe, let’s just pray and I believe that God will meet you in a real way. And I believe there’s a space inside you for God.

Watch the interview here.

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One Comment on “Pastor Judah Tells Maria Shriver: Believe in God”

  1. About Maria Shriver and Pastor Judah Smith: it sounds like “the blind leading the blind”! Pastor Smith said, “I also believe that IF there is a God…..”?? He doesn’t believe there is a God!? Oh well…that’s Hollywood for you. And he doesn’t like telling people WHY they should worship Him? He IS NOT a true Pastor. She’s not going to be a “Christian” by listening to him, guaranteed. I feel sorry for both of them. They DEFINITELY need Jesus, and the sooner, the better.

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