Pastor John McArthur Defies Government Orders: Judge Denies Government Request to Close Inside Church Services. McArthur Pleads Pastor to Help [2 Things You Should Know

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Pastor John McArthur is standing firm!

· Not Bowing to Caesar

· Not bowing to culture

· Not bowing to irrational fears

7,000 people packed Pastor John McArthur’s church service on Sunday…

The science and data say open up. And he has.

Here are 2 things You Should Know:

1). Governor Newsom and the LA county and city want McArthur to be held in contempt of court, fined $20,000, and shut down his church.

Judge Mitchell Beckloff – a Republican appointed Judge Beckloff said to the LA county they could not close down his inservice.

The government will continue to close the church down.

2). Pastor McArthur has asked other pastors closed or fined outside to reopen their churches. This is key to how the government and courts defend religious freedom.

McArthur needs your prayers – and pastors/church leaders to join with him to open their inside services.

It’s time for pastors to take a stand for God, not Caesar. For pastors to stand with those pastors who have opened their church in April and beyond.

Here is a 20-minute video on why it’s safe to open the church, used on facts and a data expert showing why the church closures used on data are a lie.

Watch Pastor Todd’s powerful interview with McArthur here – calling on Pastor’s to help by opening their churches.

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16 Comments on “Pastor John McArthur Defies Government Orders: Judge Denies Government Request to Close Inside Church Services. McArthur Pleads Pastor to Help [2 Things You Should Know”

  1. I sure don’t understand your thinking. I don’t want to go and catch the virus. I can talk to My Lord right in My own home . I, I ,I, have a personal relationship with my Lord. And until it is safe I want to live a little longer. Are you depending on a miracle so people can got to church. One Minister tried that . The virus spread. Do You Know what you are talking about.?? Talk to a Doctor.

    1. I feel sorry for you. You are a timid, cowardly so-called Christian, if you’re even that. You have no idea what persecution REALLY IS. You need to read and do what the Bible says. James 1:22–“But be DOERS of the Word, and not hearers only…” Proverbs 3:5-6—“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” DO YOU? You cowardly people make me sick. Stay on your bed with your pillow over your head and moan. Us REAL Christians will follow God and His Word. May God wake you up before it’s too late.

  2. God’s word tells believers to gather together to praise the Lord. Believers have a choice to obey God’s word or to obey man’s words. Peter and John were told to stop spreading God’s word and they reply they would obey God not man. Today believers face the same choice do we stand up for our God or do we shelter at home in fear. How big is your God?

  3. To Jake and others. This is a ploy by the socialist pushing Government to close down churches permanently. They are using the virus/flu to do their dirty work. And don’t forget you can sing either. Look at what China is doing to Christians. Wake up people.

  4. 1,000 German doctors call COVID the greatest SCAM!! In California 11,000 have allegedly died from CV. Out of a population of 40 million that’s 0.027% like the common flu. Over half of those who died were 80 yrs or above. The other half were those of comorbidity (pre-existing health conditions). The chances of recovery if you contract CV is 99.99%!! Do the research!! Quit being BRAINWASHED by MAINSTREAM MEDIA, AKA, “FAKE NEWS!”

    This is NOT about PUBLIC HEALTH but GOVERNMENT CONTROL!!! These audacious governors and city officials are hell bent on CRIMINALIZING CHRISTIANITY!! WAKE UP, sleeping LAODECIAN CHURCH!!!

    Those of you who claim to be Christians, why are you terrified? Even if you contracted CV and you happened to fit the above category, why would you be afraid? Our life here on earth is TEMPORARY. It’s all about ETERNITY!! To LIVE is CHRIST to DIE is GAIN!!

    1. EXACTLY! I think the leaders of China are laughing their heads off. It’s close to the PERFECT way to bring down the premier country of the world: the United States of America. The devil uses “FEAR” to drive people apart, which is exactly what is happening right now. I tried talking with my Pastor about this, but he said so many congregants are “fearful” of catching this china virus. He wants to follow the County Health Dept. instead of God. He’s “fearful” of being shut down!! Statistics are that only ONE out of 100,000 people die from this. That’s the same as the regular flu, which comes around every year. I am so disappointed with timid Christians. South Dakota’s Governor Kristi Noem didn’t shut down her state, and they are doing just fine. I could go on and on, but people DON’T LISTEN. Listening to the truth is not “acceptable” these days.

  5. The Democrat and MSM agenda is to terrorise the general populace about the dangers of Covid and then shutdown churches and other conservative activities discriminatorily. They then limit the availability of effective treatments like Hydroxycloroquine and put out false and misleading information so people will lack confidence in getting pack to normal life. This is the Democrats campaign strategy.

  6. Tetsuo and Debra summed it up. In other countries our brothers and sisters have risked death and even died by gathering. True Christians.

  7. Where is the FAITH of those Christians who fear anything other than God??? If we become ill or Die, for any reason, is it not all in God’s hands??? So those who fear this Virus and yet there are several Qualified Doctors who confirm this Virus is not The Deadly Virus as Others say it is.. This alone should have Christians BELIEVING God will watch over us and take care of us! And those who don’t understand that need to check their Faith in our God,,,

    1. Amen, Richard! This whole PLANDEMIC is revealing who the true SAINTS are from the RELIGIOUS, but DEAD are.

  8. From the very beginning of this :”lockdown”, I have been standing on God’s Word, particularly Psalm 91 where it says “…a thousand on my side and 10,000 at my right side, it shall not come near me…” (the “it” is talking about pestilence from the verse before it). I am 75 years old (you know, the “at risk” population) and I believed then as I believe now that God is my protector and my healer. I refuse to live in fear like some people are doing. If I had a church near by that was open, I’d go, I’d sing and I would love it. I so miss corporate worship!

    1. I agree with you 100%. Another Scripture to consider is Isaiah 5:20—-“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil…” That’s exactly what is happening right now. Abortion is good? and life is evil? Homosexuality is good? and heterosexuality is evil? Bassackwards. Listening to man is good? and listening to God is evil? Lord Have Mercy! It seems that very few so-called “Christians” are TRUE Christians.

  9. praying for Pastor John MacArthur and all the shepherds. Thank you for being bold with God’s Word in a time that the devil is running rampant in this world. The rejection of God is evident and the light the Lord shines is well needed. I am also praying that peoples lives are impacted with eternal life thru your witness for Jesus instead of what is being chosen, suicide. Let me know if you need a transport person to pick up people for church attending. I have a car that will hold 6 people.

  10. I find what the Pastor has said in the video to be a rational approach including statements of statistics and an accurate depiction of history and current status of political parties. I find it persuasive based on truth and his presentation calm yet firm. He has done his homework. I do not find some comments in the comment section very rational and some quite off putting. That is sad and disappointing for a fellow Christian to say another is not a Christian if they haven’t arrived at the same conclusion as the “real Christian”. We are to help one another and not condemn. To share our knowledge and understanding in a spirit of love, with patience, kindness and gentleness. People should say “See how they love one another”.

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