Pastor John MacArthur Powerful Viral Video: Standing Firm Against Unconstitutional Government Attacks … and Pastors Afraid to Open Their Churches [Viral Video Appearance]

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Pastor John MacArthur is under intense attack by the government trying to close his church.

Pastor MacArthur opened his church illegally and it is packed with over 7,000 at each service – two services every Sunday.

The government is fining him $1,000 every week.

The government would like to put him in jail.

The government has tried taking away the church’s parking lot.

The government wants to silence him and prevent any church in California from opening for inside services and church fellowships of men, women, and children.

John MacArthur has not only stood firm. He is also on the attack.

He just created a viral video that powerfully presents his position. 

That position shows that the numbers of deaths and hospitalizations does not warrant the unconstitutional shutdown of his church – or any church in California.

Without masks and without social distancing and with the power of the Holy Spirit, the people are there worshipping together just like churches are doing now in other states.

In most other states, churches are fully open including indoor worship, along with men, women and children’s ministries.

People are worshipping in these churches in free states without social distancing … and without masks.

The churches are packed.

But not in California where John MacArthur’s church is located.

Fox and Friends recently had him on their show because of the video and his stand.

Take a listen to the viral video first, and then take a listen to the Fox and Friends video found below.

Click here for Pastor MacArthur’s viral video. 

Click here for the Fox and Friends video.

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5 Comments on “Pastor John MacArthur Powerful Viral Video: Standing Firm Against Unconstitutional Government Attacks … and Pastors Afraid to Open Their Churches [Viral Video Appearance]”

  1. If President Trump wins the election in a landslide, the anarchy of the “unprogressive” left will not stop; it will in fact increase. Under these circumstances, the nation cannot operate as a constitutional republic. There will be continuous smear campaigns and disinformation about President Trump and who knows how many additional impeachment hearings. The “unprogressive” left is relentless and has neutralized the President’s agenda. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would think, or say this, but the time has come for a preemptive strike by the president. What I am saying is President Trump should declare Marshall Law and take the Democrat leadership in custody to be tried for treason and sedition. If he does not strike first, the “unprogressive” left will do so the first chance they get the opportunity. The United States is no longer a constitutional republic. It is a banana republic in which the left laughs at the chaos it has created in this nation. Civil War II has begun. Look at the streets of Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, San Francisco. Are we blind to this. Has your COVID mask not only covered your mouth and nose, but your eyes as well? God save America, before we become Amerika.

  2. Thomas has a point. The GOP was impotent when it came to a Presidential candidate who had questionable eligibility twelve years ago. The American people sat on their hands for eight years when they could see with their own eyes the country being torn down. Now we have emboldened bands of Biden’s Bolsheviks terrorizing people in the street. President Trump says if he’s reelected, it will end quickly, but will it? Most recently, we see a Democrat Party and a mainstream media that is complicit in Soviet-style gangsterism and they’re not hiding it. They certainly don’t want it to stop because they profit from it. The only problem I see with Thomas’s idea is how would we prevent the Swamp creatures from being protected by Clinton/Obama appointees/supporters whether in civil court or military tribunal?

  3. There’s one sentence in this blog that doesn’t quite set right with me, the part that says “Pastor MacArthur opened his church illegally.” Pastor MacArthur isn’t inclined to break the law or rebel against governmental authority. On the contrary, he has always taught that believers are to obey civil authorities as taught in Romans 13. Rather, what he’s doing is challenging their overreach by appealing to the First Amendment of the Constitution.

    The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Therefore, John MacArthur is pointing out that restraining orders do not trump the First Amendment. And he’s making the point of that Governor Newsom isn’t Caesar and he can’t step on Grace Community Churches Constitutional rights.

    Since the Constitution gives the right of the people to peaceably assemble, yet Gov. Newsom, Attorney General Bacera, and LA Mayor Garcetti are trying to prevent that, then MacArthur is petitioning the Government for a redress of grievances. MacArthur is acting within the scope of the law in the same way that the Apostle Paul did in the book of Acts, exercising his rights as a Roman citizen.

    The judge has now ruled in his favor that GCC has a right to a fair trial and therefore the restraining orders can’t be enforced. They’ll be back in court in November to set a trial date for sometime in 2021.

  4. Ronnette Adams, very well said. Your words and references lead me to believe you are an attorney with an emphasis in U.S. Constitutional law.

    And to Robb Hibbs: the problem you raise about my statement is legitimate. Frankly, my statement Is short on practical reality and long on hyperbole. The problem with this nation is spiritual and requires a spiritual response called prayer. In the recent past, political disputes focused on policies related to taxing and spending. But the nation is now divided between people, who in a general sense, are either theistic-minded or atheistic/secular-minded. When politics divide along these lines each side will legislate laws which step on the core values of the opposing side. The laws are no longer of the type that people can tolerate for a few years until the political pendulum swings back. Laws that strike at a person’s core values are laws that are immediately intolerable and violate a person’s fundamental beliefs. An example is the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalized same sex marriage. This court decision, by five “black robes” overturned the will of the people of 39 states who voted marriage is between one man and one woman. Irrespective of your personal belief about same sex marriage, the court nevertheless committed judicial anarchy by issuing a decision based on personal policy beliefs of these five out of nine justices with not a scintilla of legitimate constitutional question in the case. The U.S. Constitution is silent on the subject of marriage. That is why I label these majority justices judicial anarchists. They ignored the federal separation of powers by usurping the legislators’ role in crating and passing laws. So you ask how does this affect anyone but the same sex parties? Aren’t’ you sticking your nose in people’s personal business. If it were that simple, perhaps yes. But this group is not satisfied to leave well enough alone. Instead the radicals of the LGBT seek to inject themselves into all aspects of the community that step on the rights of all sorts of Christians whether it be the wedding industry With lawsuits filed against bakers, photographers, and others in the industry, the legal assault is intentional and relentless to coerce conformity to the sexual revolution as enforced by the new thought police. All in the name of some manufactured “right” that exists nowhere in the constitution versus the explicit rights to freedom of religion as Ronnette exquisitely discusses above. America faces an uncertain future when it is so fundamentally divided. As I said, the nation faces a spiritual problem that will require a spiritual solution. The solution is pray, pray, and pray unceasingly. And take action. Pastor MacArthur is an example of both. He prays and he stands against the religious oppression brought against GCC by governmental authorities. Biblical obedience to the governing authorities is required by Romans 13 etc. But obedience stops when the government forbids whilat God commands. As To paraphrase Pastor MacArthur, when the Apostle Paul arrived in town, he didn’t ask for directions to the Mediterranean resort; he expected to have a reservation with the city jail once the authorities caught word he was preaching the gospel. It’s late; I’m tired; good night, and may the Lord bless our great nation.

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