Pastor John MacArthur Drama Explodes, “The Government Wants to Shut Us Down”

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Pastor John MacArthur stood firm.

He ignored the judges.

He ignored the California Governor.

He ignored the Los Angeles County’s war on the church.

The government unconstitutionally threatened Pastor John and the church attendees with jail and fines and more.

Pastor MacArthur told the applauding fellowship, “we are having church. We are not meeting to be rebellious. We are meeting because our Lord has commanded, we come together and worship Him.”

MacArthur said, “they don’t want us to meet. That is obvious. They just want to shut us down.”

MacArthur went on to say, “The good news is you are here. You are not distancing, and you are not wearing masks. It is also good news you are not outside because it is very hot outside. So, the Lord knew you needed to be inside unmasked. So, the Lord did us that gracious favor.”

They came to church “illegally.” Here are 6 things you should know:

1. About 7,000 came, in the 90+ degree temperatures to meet inside.

The government ordered no more than 100 attend or 25% of the building capacity…and masks, social distancing, no worship, and more. You can see the church service [click HERE].

Those who wanted masks wore them – which was less than 5% of the attendance.

There was a tent outside for masks and social distancing. Few people were there.

2. The church sues the government, the government sues the church.

Los Angles filed a suit against John MacArthur and Grace Church filed a dueling lawsuit.

On Friday, a moderate Republican Superior court judge appointed by Governor Wilson gave a partial victory and partial defeat. It was in fact a major blow to the government. He ruled the church could open for indoor services but must wear masks and practice social distancing.

But on Saturday, the county of LA appealed to the California Second District Court of Appeals: Two judicial activists appointed by Democratic Governor Brown and one by Arnold Schwarzenegger – overturned the lower court decision and said Grace Community Church could not meet indoors.

The church ignored the court order, and they held services inside. The church did not require masks. The church did not enforce social distancing. The church even allowed worship and singing.

3. What is next?

The court cases will continue.

MacArthur and the packed-out church will continue to be obedient to scripture not to forsake the fellowshipping together.

This Sunday could see the police arresting or fining churchgoers and Pastor John. Pray it does not.

Pray for court success.

Pray for John MacArthur and the church.

4. The media, the church, and coronavirus hysteria.

The media fueled the flames of hate and disinformation in the last months by demonizing hundreds of doctors, scientists, researchers…and pastors… who disagree with the medical establishment, bureaucrats, and democratic socialist politicians.

· People should make their own decisions…that is America’s freedom of choice

· The government’s figures of cases with coronavirus are inflated and inaccurate

· The hospitals are not overloaded with coronavirus

· The at-risk group was and remains with those overweight, with a major physical problem, the elderly and in a nursing home.

· Masks do not provide much protection if any against coronavirus

· The amount of deaths and hospitalizations are ridiculously low, and no church should be shut down.

CNN and the biased media attacked the church, slandered the Pastor, and marginalized the Christians.

CNN said, “Most of the pastors who have bucked the rules are fringe figures in America Christianity.” But added MacArthur was not.

Not all religious leaders are standing with Pastor MacArthur. For example, Andy Stanley, in Atlanta Georgia has said his Northpoint Community church will not reopen until 2021.

To the pastors who are not standing firm and opening the church, Pastor MacArthur’s response is, “They don’t know what a church is, and they don’t shepherd their people.”

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19 Comments on “Pastor John MacArthur Drama Explodes, “The Government Wants to Shut Us Down””

  1. L.A. Mayor Garcetti just had the utilities turned off of an owner’s home who had a huge party. This will probably be his next move but Pastor MacArthur’s attorney will be one step ahead. Let’s pray!!!

  2. I believe we should wear masks. Also 6 ft. apart. If I would get the virus it would kill me. The Lord has things for me to do yet. My health is not good. We can worship God in our homes and our Mister puts the service on the internet. If a person has a personal relationship with the Lord a person can talk to him at home. My Doctor got the virus and I had to get another Doctor as I was sick.

    1. Stay home. You were always at risk before with cold and flu, why do you think this is any different?? I’ve had Covid. It’s a flu. No one is forcing you not to wear a mask, wear one for the rest of your life, no one will stop you. Don’t force your sick will on 99.9% of the population and cripple our daily lives for your fear.

  3. How many pastors in the later half of the 1700’s recognized government oppression and preached against it? Quite a few ripped off their clerical robes and revealed Continental uniforms underneath. Could this be the beginning of the next Revolution?

  4. The constitution protects us and now we must protect our constitution. Please pray for boldness for all Christian leadership and for the church at large. This is a spiritual battle, not one against flesh and blood. Thank the Lord for Godly Pastors who are standing firm. We bless you in the name of Jesus and are praying for you. Thank you for fighting the good fight for our freedom to exist and to assemble.

  5. Those who have medical issues, have a CHOICE to stay indoors and worship… But it is selfish for them to request everyone to do the same,,, How many of you, wearing a mask and speaking to people, really feel a connection with the Person your talking to? It is Natural to watch their expression while they are communicating, to make a DETERMINATION on their seriousness! No One can say this is not a TRUE statement! It is a BIG deal wearing a Mask and NOT wearing a mask when coming together and celebrating or worshiping as a Family…

  6. Hopefully these Churches that are standing up for God and for their congregations and for freedom will think ahead and all get generators for the time the liberal Government turns off their power . America…save it in November of lose it forever..

  7. I’ve asked it previously: would you consider yourself to have violated Heb 10:25 if you didn’t go to church physically on a day a hurricane was bearing down on your city? What bothers me most about this “righteious tantrum” being raged is that Christians are more concerned about rebelling against governing authorities than simply instituting procedures to prevent sickness and death (and there’s much we still don’t know about the coronavirus — are we willing to risk others’ lives to vent our rebelliousness and go with presumption?). Yes, we should call attention to government inconsistency when the church is not treated like other groups. But in the end, it will prove a great “disGrace” if people in a crowded church die, and it ends up proving that our godless government actually cared more for the welfare of God’s flock than its under-shepherds did! I grieve for the damaged reputation of our Lord in that scenario, as unbelievers will have been given cause to blasheme our God (see 2 Samuel 12:13-14). Think, people, think. Carefully. Before you react with vitriol. Consider how you may be irreparably harming your own testimony.

    1. A hurricane is not the same! And could very likely make it impossible to travel, so different all around.
      The Wuhan virus is a different matter altogether, it would be under the curse according to Deuteronomy 28, While Galatians chapter 3 verse 13 clearly states that “Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law and Hebrews chapter 11 verse 6 states “without faith it is impossible to please God”, if one has not built up their faith enough to believe this, then stay at home. The Bible is clear regarding how Christians should act when under government oppression.
      Hope you spend your time at home studying the Bible and building up your faith.

    2. Stay home. You were always at risk before with cold and flu, why do you think this is any different?? I’ve had Covid. It’s a flu. No one is forcing you not to wear a mask, wear one for the rest of your life, no one will stop you. Don’t force your sick will on 99.9% of the population and cripple our daily lives for your fear. Check your heart Rick, you fear death more than God. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.

      12The eyes of the LORD keep watch over knowledge,
      but he overthrows the words of the traitor.
      13The sluggard says, “There is a lion outside!
      I shall be killed in the streets!”

  8. Does God really want us to spread the virus? A minister tried that and people were exposed. This is a deadly virus.If you are a Believer you can be with God at home. He is always with us. Common sense. He gave us that.

  9. Mr. Di Prisco and 2468Jake: I have a suggestion for you: Read Eric Metaxas’ book entitled “Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy,” about Hitler-era German Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer. After reading it, let’s have this discussion again. You might just have a different view of what is happening to Christians in our nation.

  10. Wow, I am actually witnessing the persecution of the Christian Church! It is happening through the Satanic Democrat party! Everyday Christians are being mandated by the Demoncrats not to attend church, Pastors are being fined and even subjected to jail time. Even with the Bible documenting this prophecy I didn’t think that I would see this day within my lifetime. But it is here, and so are the many prophecies of the True Word of God. When I was cleaning and organizing my trailer I found a book of handwritten notes that I had taken when I was studying for my ministry. Get this, It was predicted that there would be “rioting in the streets”, civil unrest the likes we have never seen, violence and our cities will be on fire. Of course, the Biblical prophecies completely support all of these things happening today! It has all come at this chosen time because the Satanic Devil Worshiping Party HATES our God Given President Donald Trump and all he stands for. They will try everything in their sorry playbook to make his defeat possible. Oh and don’t forget, they have removed God from their platform. A platform that supports, the murdering of innocent life, persecution of Christians, violence in the streets with absolutely no mention of it at their sorry convention. I believe this has “sealed the deal” so to speak! God is Good, they are Evil. And finally, God will prevail over evil! Amen,

  11. Joe: This is not persecution by government. Apparently you have no idea what that is. Have you lived a coddled, sequestered, sheltered life? Have you not read history? Maybe you should visit China, Iran, Somalia. Give me a report when you get back.

    Robyn: Who’s forcing his or her “sick” will on another? Take a look in the mirror. I don’t require others to wear a mask for my sake, but I’ll wear one for those who may be fearful of a real disease, to be a servant to them and not demand they submit to my will. I’ve checked my heart (have you checked your judgmental spirit?). Fear death? Let them come and burn me at the stake — I’m ready. I’ve already been arrested and incarcerated for my faith. Have you? When you have, get back to me.

    William: As a matter of fact I have already read the book by Metaxas you cited. If you can’t tell the difference between Bonhoeffer’s oppression by Nazis and what’s happening here, I’m afraid I won’t be able to educate you any further. Maybe book-reading isn’t for you.

    For all of you selfish, tantrum-indulging rebels who love to violate the law (especially when you can still find ways to meet, even physically, to worship), when you pass on the virus in your vitriol-laden breath at church and people die, be my guest to be interviewed by the godless leftists on CNN and explain to them as they disparage the church because of you, and carefully explain to them how much you care for the welfare of others — how important their eternal souls are (but not their earthly ones). Enjoy the experience.

  12. The only One we need to obey is the Lord, Jesus Christ. If He says go, I go. If He says stay, I stay. He is the One we answer to. Let each person seek the Lord and walk according to His will.
    May our faith be greater than our fear and may we be God pleasers and not men pleasers.
    If we die, it only gets better!

  13. I think the most impactful issue here is that people have been convinced that this a unique, unprecedented “deadly virus” when in fact EACH YEAR, this country experiences a flu season and that “common” flu, even mutated and more resilient than the previous year, claims MANY, MANY lives with no major media coverage. People…We are being manipulated by the media. Please open your eyes and don’t let the MSM control you by using the darkest recesses of your imagination against you. If you didn’t want to catch the flu LAST YEAR, do the same things to avoid catching it this year. Wash. Distance. Be discerning. If you feel symptoms, stay home.

    God bless you.

  14. Covid-19 is not a flu. It may have flu like symptom that makes you feel like you have a flu. It’s a lung infection and respiratory disease that cause your lung to not able to breath normally and it can permanently weaken and damage your immune system or cause death as it had happened in many cases. Trusting God doesn’t mean you pray for good grade and you don’t have to study. There is a difference. God uses natural means like our doctors to cure us and He can definitely use supernatural means if He chose to. But in many cases, God has chosen to cure us through our doctors and their knowledge in the medical fields. But in area where medical resources are thin, He performed far more miracles to heal. Either ppl. Who were healed by Doctor and ppl. Who were healed by miracles both exercised faith.
    My point is that we have to be a good citizen and help preventing the spread of a pandemic. We wear masks because 20% of carriers didn’t show any symptoms but this is definitely a deadly disease that can take away precious lives in weeks.

    Wearing masks or not is not a measure of your faith, it is exercising common sense based on the very limited data we have founded. It’s being considerate and to protect the elderlies and others you love and care in your church. There are many unknowns about this virus. Millions had died around the globe. Europe is having a 2nd wave. Virus has gone thru hundreds of mutations already. Give the researchers and doctors time to find a cure that will work for ppl. with all conditions.

    You wouldn’t sneeze at an elderly if you have caught a flu, will you? You will cover your month and stay far away from them. It doesn’t kill the younger ppl but it will kill the elderly. Covid-19 is far more serious than a flu!

    If after I have done every precautions (wearing masks, wash my hands, social distancing) and still got the virus. We will trust God for whatever it comes our way. If we died and we would be in heaven with Jesus. If God chose to cure us and we remained on earth, we will live our lives glorifying Him. We can exercise our faith either way. God is not any less if He has chosen not to cure us because Jesus Christ already had victory on the cross. God bless!

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