Must See Christian Film I Still Believe: The Jeremy Camp Story of Love Found, Love Lost [Videos]

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It’s a heart-wrenching story about losing the love of your life…

It’s a story about trusting God even when you’re hurting deeply and you don’t understand why God is allowing you to hurt so much…

Award-winning Christian singer Jeremy Camp fell in love with and married Melissa Lynn Henning.

She passed away from ovarian cancer less than a year later.

That was 19 years ago…

Today, Jeremy Camp is married to his wife Adrienne. They have 3 children.

The Erwin Brothers – producers of the hit Christian film I Can Only Imagine – have brought Camp’s story to the big screen.

I Still Believe was voted the top romantic film of 2020 by mainstream outlet Seventeen Magazine.

The film was released to theaters on March 13th – the same day President Trump declared a national emergency because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The movie finished #1 in box office receipts on opening night … and #3 for the weekend – even though people started staying home from theaters.

The following week all theaters closed. But people are watching the movie at home – on Netflix, DVD, Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Camp said of the movie, “Everybody in this generation really is searching for hope. There are so many things and battles and divisions and all this, and people are grasping for hope in some way. And for us to present this as a ‘this is difficult, this is the trial, this is pain and hurt and loss, but there’s hope,’ I think that’s so huge, and pointing that hope to Jesus.”

“The stories that we’re hearing from people that are watching it at home are amazing,” Camp says. “God is definitely using this in a radical way. And it’s just getting started.”

It was difficult for Camp to watch some of the filming because it brought back the pain and grief he felt when he lost his first wife – forcing him to relive it.

I encourage to watch I Still Believe at home with your entire family.                                       

Watch the official music video for Jeremy Camp’s hit song “I Still Believe” here (4 ½ minutes).

Watch the official trailer for I Still Believe here (2 ½ minutes).

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One Comment on “Must See Christian Film I Still Believe: The Jeremy Camp Story of Love Found, Love Lost [Videos]”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this trailer and Jeremy camps song as well. God has given him much grace and strength and using his life for His glory. I had the privilege of hearing him in person at a K-LOVE LOVE banquet. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights so Faithfully Craig. In Christ. Mary Harmon
    P.S. I think you were right on with the greatest men of influence. I’ve heard every one of them but one. They love the Lord and teach the word of God faithfully as well as sharing the good news of Christ.

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