Most Influential Churches in America [list]

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Next week, we will talk about the fastest-growing churches in the U.S.

But this week, we are going to share a list of the most influential pastors and churches in the U.S.

This list was compiled my Newsmax, and here is their criteria for “most influential:”

  • How well-known the church’s leaders are
  • The ratings of their television shows and radio programs
  • The reach of their books
  • Public opinion
  • Overall influence

Here are the top 10 churches on the list:

  1. Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA with Pastor Rick Warren
  2. Potter’s House Church in Dallas, Texas with Bishop Jakes
  3. Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas with Pastor Joel Osteen and radio station
  4. Willow Community Church in Chicago
  5. Life Church in Oklahoma City
  6. Hillsong Church in New York and Los Angeles
  7. Gateway Church in Dallas, Texas with Pastor Robert Morris
  8. North Point Community Church in Atlanta, Georgia with Pastor Andy Stanley
  9. Shadow Mountain Community Church in San Diego, CA with Pastors Tim LaHaye and David Jeremiah

Here are some more notable churches that ranked lower down the list:

Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, CA with Pastor Greg Laurie is #23.

First Baptist Dallas with Pastor Robert Jeffress is #28.

Skyline Community Church near San Diego, CA with Pastor Jim Garlow is #30.

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8 Comments on “Most Influential Churches in America [list]”

  1. Your list of influential Pastors and churches is a good one, but what happened to Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa? I know that founder Chuck Smith is now with the Lord, but hundreds of Calvary Chapels came about because of Pastor Chuck’s influence and leadership.

    1. Exactly. I wouldn’t call them “influential” but more well known. Some of those churches are not Biblical churches either.

  2. May I suggest that you re-do the list with only churches that have the marks of a Biblical church? See Are we caving into post-modernism when we let almost any type of market-driven corporation call itself a church? Does darkness spread across the land when influence is given to “churches” that lack Biblical preaching, disregard accountability to a plurality of elders, ignore membership commitments, neglect personal discipleship, and turn a blind eye to other time-tested characteristics of the church described in Scripture? Is Christianity declining because “influential” non-Biblical churches are supplanting the Biblical churches where members maintain rich relationships with Christ and His bride?

  3. That explains the falling away of the church in America. Goodness, Jesus turned into Howdy Doody instead of the righteous and holy Son of God. Not much fear of God in most of those churches.

  4. It’s important that your readers realize that you are graciously passing on what one group has concluded. The populace loves to have it’s ears tickled, hence many of these churches have risen to celebrity status with celebrity wealth. I choose to stick with the pure word of God, because that is Jesus, pure & simple.

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