Milwaukee Riots, and More Radical Demands: 5 Things You Need to Know [Video]

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Milwaukee Riots, and More Radical Demands: 5 Things You Need to Know [Video]

Another police shooting in America.

Riots break out, again. Buildings and cars burned. Small businesses looted. Police officers attacked. Innocent bystanders shot and killed.

This time, it’s burning through Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The liberal media wants you to believe that the police attacked another black man just because he was black.

The truth is the police officer fired on an armed gunman who intended to threaten his life. He did not shoot an unarmed youth running from the police.

Milwaukee in flames (Credit: Conservative Outfitters)

The whole exchange was recorded on the police officer’s body camera.

The police officer was black.

As for the dead assailant Sylville Smith …

He had a long criminal record, including:

  1. Shooting
  2. Robbery
  3. Carrying a concealed weapon
  4. Theft
  5. Possession of heroin and cocaine
  6. Intimidation of a witness
  7. Oh … and the gun he had was stolen

And yet, the narrative from the Progressive Left contends that the death of another street thug proves that the police are waging a war on minorities, discriminated against just because of the color of their skin.

Racism is evil.

Racism against blacks is evil.

Racism against whites is also evil.

And to rationalize, justify, or excuse violence against anyone is evil.

Instead of demanding law and order, Hillary said, “Look at what’s happening in Milwaukee right now. We’ve got urgent work to do to rebuild trust between police and communities.”

It’s evil for her not to deplore the violence. The President has said nothing, and neither of them are condemning the racist core and false narrative of the Black Lives Matter movement fanning these flames of unrest.

Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin puts the situation in perspective in one of the most failed cities in the country

  1. Milwaukee has the third worst school system in the country. Students in urban areas like Milwaukee struggle in failing schools with no standards or accountability, dominated by special interests. Only Detroit, Michigan and Cleveland, Ohio rank lower.
  2. Milwaukee is the sixth worst city in the country. The generational poverty leads to kids who grow up in poor homes with little opportunity to break out of the cycle of poverty.
  3. Welfarism: Government dependence is too easily acquired
  4. Broken families: the unprecedented number of urban youths born to single-mothers is striking
  5. 32% Massive unemployment for minorities: Young men and women cannot find work, struggle to find something meaningful to do, and to be

Add a police shooting to this mix, and a riot blows up.

What has caused these destructive problems? Liberal, Democratic urban machine policies!

And the solution is not more of the same!

What is the solution?

The first step in turning the inner-city plight around–school choice.

See here:

The Body of Christ is reaching out, fighting the core causes of the riots, helping urban residents get out of trouble and on their feet.

Check out this video:

Local churches like Grace Community started a program called “Adopt-a-block” following the unbearable uptick in street crimes, particularly the death of a baby from a stray bullet.

This program has stayed in place following sudden upheavals in violence, and has guided Milwaukee residents through the aftermath of the riots in the street.

Greater Praise Church of God in Christ has initiated an effective jobs-placement program, sometimes hiring employees directly off the street. Even Governor Scott Walker visited the church to praise the work they are doing.

Check out Sheriff David Clarke’s comments on video here.

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  1. Thank you again for sharing this message to me. I wish we could share to more people so they would understand and believe the truth. I respect all kind of people, all kind of colors because God taught us that we should love one another as God loved us and he choice us to be his people. He is a loving God.

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