Islamic Terrorists Destroy 900 Churches in War-Torn Country

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Islamic Terrorists Destroy 900 Churches in War-Torn Country

Christians in northern Nigeria face systematic extermination: unparalleled destruction and death from the Islamic militants Boko Haram:

  • Churches burned to the ground
  • Christian villages decimated
  • Inhabitants forced to flee
  • Women raped
  • Men slaughtered
  • Babies hacked in pieces
  • The elderly burned alive

Now suicide bombings are emerging all over the region. In the most despicable fashion, young women carrying infants enter a village, then detonate themselves, killing everyone surrounding them.

But the world doesn’t seem to care.

International leaders don’t care.

The press in Nigeria covers up for, or barely covers, the massive slaughter of Nigeria’s Christians.

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Nigerians freedom from Boko Haram (Credit: Voice of America)

And the Christians themselves are not allowed to protect themselves with firearms!

World leaders claim that this is a long-time dispute among warring tribes over farmlands.

Wrong. It’s like ISIS in Africa.

The nation of 180 million people is evenly divided between Muslims and Christians.

But only the Christians are being targeted.

Consider this terrifying account:

Boko Haram kidnapped 300 Christian girls in Northern Nigeria. The notice about this account came and went on worldwide social media, but those girls are still missing.

One Christian victim, Deborah, has been captive for the last year and a half. Islamic militants killed her husband and family. One of the armed militants then raped her, and she gave birth to another child.

Today, she raises that child as if he is her own by her murdered husband.

Even in the midst of such horrific tragedy, this woman chooses to see God’s goodness.

But the West ignores their silence.

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