How Christians Can Change the Course of This Nation [stunning report]

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Half of the Christians at evangelical churches are not registered to vote.

Half of those who are registered do not vote.

Despite this, 27% of the total vote in presidential elections are from evangelicals.

Most Christians don’t vote… but something huge… and different… happened in Houston, Texas.

What happened in the Houston election upset (see “A Huge Victory for Religious Liberty”) points to what could happen in your city, in your state, and nationally – if pastors activate your church.

The left and the media are in shock that the anti-Christian freedom initiative in Houston was defeated by 23 points.

That’s stunning.

Millions of dollars were poured in nationally to defeat the Christians… and common sense.

Some of the best campaign organizers in the social media world, TV world, radio, and political strategy wanted to crush the conservative and Christian vote. And they failed.

In cities and states across the nation, the advanced marketing strategies and tactics that helped deliver President Obama and many progressive liberal Democrats a victory over the years, have wiped out conservative and Christian efforts.

Conservatives and Christians… and their often Republican allies… act as if marketing were from the 1990’s. They just have not been able to pick up the modern marketing techniques of the progressive left. The progressive left has used this as an advantage to defeat their opponents by merging the marketing and advertising and getting out the vote.

In Houston – overwhelmed by media pressure, overwhelmed by the left’s threats, sports teams and companies like Apple talking about boycotting Houston and throwing their support with the proposition – they thought they would win.

What they didn’t count on were the pastors mobilizing the church. The pastors helping give moral and practical support to get out the vote. And get out the vote they did, in a dramatic way.

More than 30,000 door to door visits and more than 100,000 volunteer phone calls were initiated because of pastor support.

In America today, too many pastors are allowing our culture, political system, and economic system become enslaved by progressive ideology because they’re silent. And the few who speak out still do not do what’s necessary to mobilize their fellowship to register and get out the vote.

The church should never be a political organization.

But in the face of the immoral policies that are destroying religious liberty, that promote a culture of killing babies, that are undermining Israel, and that are creating economic havoc, it’s time for pastors to stand up. It’s time for them to encourage their fellowship to take a stand. We saw this in the American revolution. We saw this with pastors opposing slavery. Now we need to see it to bring about much-needed changes and stop the erosion of our freedoms.

Have you talked to your pastor? Is your pastor willing to take a stand? Please let me know.

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7 Comments on “How Christians Can Change the Course of This Nation [stunning report]”

  1. Hi Pal- great piece. We need to take our country back from those that want to destroy us!

    God Bless

    Mike Jensen
    Your Convene Bro

  2. You are right Craig. I’ve tried to deal with Pastors and they are timid, afraid of losing their tax exemption or offending some member of their Congregation. I think seminaries instruct them to stay out of anything political. Most don’t even know what they have a right to say from the pulpit.

    Jeanette Jones
    AD 51

  3. Dear Bro Mike:

    I am aware of the of those who register and don’t vote. I live in a small city in southeastern Oklahoma and am a member of the County Republican Party and the Republican women. We have held voter registration booths at events. I suggested going door to door to register people to vote. Nobody wanted to do that. I just left a church that did not have an evangelical vision, and I am visiting churches. I will do what I can.

    Mary McCauley

  4. You are right on in your analysis of the political and the Christian communities in our Land today!

    This is first and foremost an issue which overwhelmingly should be a cause for passionate, specific and deep prayer. And I don’t mean to only pray occasionally for these situations. This needs on-going, sustained prayer and practical labor to go with it.

    It is also something that we need to have serious conversations about with fellow-Church members, friends, work-mates and neighbors.

    He, our Lord Jesus is STILL the King of kings and Lord of lords!

  5. I have a Pastor who is ‘unafraid’ of the FAR-FAR-FAR Left and he preaches the Gospel from the Pulpit and is ready, willing, and faithful to God-Almighty——Period.

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