Hispanic Pastor: Reject Politicians Who Support Planned Parenthood

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Hispanic Pastor: Reject Politicians Who Support Planned Parenthood

Hispanic Leadership Pastor Samuel Rodriguez

Reverend Samuel Rodriguez of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference met with Donald Trump this week.

He is also challenging voters to stand up to Planned Parenthood, and vote out anyone who supports the notorious corporation.

He said:

“Any Christian who would support a candidate who defends Planned Parenthood really needs to seek Scripture.”

Planned Parenthood does over 300,000 abortions a year, and receives $528 million in taxpayer dollars. Employees have been exposed selling the baby parts of still-born babies.

Donald Trump has advanced a pro-life platform and is defending Planned Parenthood as long as it does not fund abortions.

Hillary Clinton has openly supported abortion, and has argued that an unborn baby has no constitutional rights:

She is also a vocal supporter of Planned Parenthood:

Bernie Sanders also believes that abortion is a right, and could not think of a single reason why a woman should not get an abortion.

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2 Comments on “Hispanic Pastor: Reject Politicians Who Support Planned Parenthood”

  1. Think twice…and very carefully consider….
    Someday, you have to confront God and answer to Him about what you have promoted in this life.

  2. This is one of the rare few pastors in America fulfilling his obligation to admonish his flock and the nation of their obligation to lawfully oppose evildoers. I don’t know him, but it sounds like he understands what was intended by God in James Chapter 2 where God says “faith without works is dead” — ‘works’ being more focused on in pre-1900s America than today which subsequently had Christians far more active in representing Christ in society and government displacing evildoers. Hence the reason many pre-1900s pulpits motivated by the Word of God, called for rebellion against British tyrants and the fight to end slavery.

    Obama/democrats and constitutional-deconstructionists infecting the GOP and Fox News like a cancer, represent the proverbial ‘symptom of what is destroying America and not the disease.’ The ‘disease’ is the ‘Christ-void’ created by a post-1800s ‘works-deficient’ version of Christianity that no longer finds Christ worth representing in society and government to the exclusion of evildoers, and aiding the needy.

    Thank you Lord for pastors like this one! He, and those he teaches, are the cure for that which offends God and destroys America. A cure that, as a lesser priority to remedying the silence from America’s pulpits enabling evildoers, would also require lawfully cleansing the constitutional-deconstructionists and global-engineers from the GOP. Only then, can the GOP transition from continually producing ’the lesser of two evils’ candidates to producing ‘the greater of two godly constitutionalist’ candidates.

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