Has Your Church Fully Recovered from the Pandemic?

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Churches across America have spent a year and a half recovering from the pandemic.

Reopening ministries. Recovering financially.

And restoring attendance as people have come back to church.

Many churches – especially in the “oppressive” states such as California, Oregon, New York, Washington, New Mexico, Nevada, New Jersey, Minnesota, Michigan, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware – are suffering the most.

Some even are still meeting with masking, outdoors, or tent services, and even implementing social distancing.

A new survey of Protestant churches (mainline and Evangelical) paints this picture:

  • 13% have less than 50% of pre-COVID-19 attendance
  • 35% have between 50-70% of attendees
  • 12.5% have between 90-100% of attendees
  • .9% have more people than before the pandemic

This survey revealed black pastors were 12.5 times more likely than white pastors to say their in-person attendance is less than 30% than before the pandemic.

73% of the pastors at the time of the survey had fewer than 100 people attending each Sunday. About 6% of the pastors reported attendance of 250 or more.

What are your thoughts and observations?

Has your church fully recovered…or not?

Why do you think it has or hasn’t?

Let me know by emailing me at craig@electionforum.org.

I’ll post a summary of the findings in an upcoming issue.

What do you think? Let me know at craig@electionforum.org.

3 Comments on “Has Your Church Fully Recovered from the Pandemic?”

  1. I live in S. California my church has less then 50 percent attendance. We have had several families move to other states some. deaths some are still watching our services on the internet .

  2. We usually go to daily Mass, and the vigil on Saturdays.. Nightly week day Mass used to be almost standing room only, now it’s few and far between; On Saturdays, the parish is picking up slowly and I don’t know what the quota is or the happening on Sunday’s.

  3. I live in Fresno and my Trinity Church in Clovis has grown at least 25%. Every 3 months some sixty new members join our church. Stay true to God’s word preaching and caring for God’s people. God’s word rules our church not the state. Yet we have done our best to be respective of authority. Keeping them updated, no outright defiance.

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