Gunman on Easter: Church Ready [Video]

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Does your church have a security plan if there is a gunman or violence? Should it? What should it look like?

Parishioners at this Evangelical church were ready. They stopped on an armed thug on Easter Sunday.

Here is the story … and a look at the church security … plus a discussion which every church should have.

Click below (about three minutes):

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2 Comments on “Gunman on Easter: Church Ready [Video]”

  1. Craig, I’m all for it, but I would hazard a guess that almost all churches would NOT have a security plan or force. It would be up to either God or an armed parishioner to stop a determined gunman/knife attack. So very few people, especially in California, would be armed in church. It’s almost, in my opinion, like people want to hide their heads under their pillows when it comes to an event like this. They don’t want to think about it and pray it doesn’t affect them personally. In other words: it always affects SOMEONE ELSE not me! Naivete par excellence.

  2. According to a pastor friend, this is a growing area of ministry. Pastors are looking to organize and make sure that every major church event (services, women’s bible studies, etc.) has several armed persons at the event. Applications for concealed permits are up after the San Bernardino terrorist attack. Men AND Women need to consider getting their CCW. I know of one Southern California Church that has at least 2 people armed at every worship services. Comforting to know that Church Leadership are taking on this responsibility. Has your church?

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