Fostering Faith through Hollywood Film: An Interview with God [Videos]

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It’s okay to not have all the answers…

It’s okay to have questions and doubts about your faith…

And no question is off-limits where God is concerned.

This is the main message of the faith-based film An Interview with God.

In the movie, a journalist who has just returned from covering the war in Afghanistan has begun to question everything he’s ever been taught about God and Christianity.

He has an opportunity – on 3 separate occasions – to interview a man claiming to be God.

“God” often answers questions with other questions – just as Jesus did in the gospel accounts – and sometimes leaves the journalist’s inquiries without clear responses.

This was intentional – to encourage moviegoers to continue to explore their questions about God after leaving the theater.

The film is very well done … it covers a great deal of theology without coming across as being preachy.

Proceeds of the movie are being donated to several faith-based foster care agencies.

Watch Fox News host Shannon Bream interview Megan Alexander and Todd Starnes regarding the recent successes of faith-based films (about 5 minutes):

Watch the official trailer for An Interview with God here (2 ½ minutes):


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