Evangelicals Troubled by Trump

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Many evangelicals have been troubled by Donald Trump, but are completely opposed to Hillary Clinton’s stances, including:

  • Pro-abortion
  • Weak on Israel
  • Anti-marriage
  • Opposed to religious liberty
  • Radical left-wing appointments to the Supreme Court
  • And so much more

Some evangelical leaders, like Russel Moore of the Southern Baptist Commission on Ethics and Religious Liberty, are still opposing the nominee, and have urged their flock to vote “No”.

Trump attacks every evangelical leader (and anyone else) who does not support him, including Bob Vander Plaats, who co-chaired Ted Cruz’ campaign for office.

Russell Moore, has become the latest target.

The GOP Presidential nominee tweeted:

“Russell Moore is truly a terrible representative of Evangelicals and all of the good they stand for. A nasty guy with no heart.”

Why is Donald mad? Because Moore said this:

“Donald Trump [is the] embrace of the very kind of moral and cultural decadence that conservatives have been saying for a long time is the problem.”

What do Evangelical leaders do?

Moore encourages fellow evangelicals not to vote for the “lesser of two evils”, but seek a third-party candidate for President or not vote at all. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, who had supported Ted Cruz, has rejected that idea, since a third-party candidate will ensure a Hillary Clinton victory in November.

On another note …

I will be meeting with major Evangelical leaders in New York next month with Donald Trump. Christians like me will be discussing what we want from Trump. Please pray for my wife and me as we meet and discuss with Trump our concerns about life, liberty, and the future prosperity of this country

Tell me your thoughts. What should I ask the Donald? Email me at craig@electionforum.org.

13 Comments on “Evangelicals Troubled by Trump”

  1. I am a Christian, Pentecostal. I normally vote republic across the board because they are closer to my beliefs than the Dems “far left.” However I am voting and backing Trump all the way to the white house. Mister Trump may be or may not be a Christian, But remember, IN the old Testament, God raised up non-believers to do His bidding. Please consider that God bless you and Mister Trump.

    Chuck Morris

  2. C’mon brethren! Whatever happened to moderation? If they be not against us, they be for us. We, as Christians, will never be satisfied by anything less than the rule of Christ. So the Donald is not all we ever hoped to get. Hillary is everything we hope we never get. She and the left are obviously against us. At this juncture in history, a non vote is a seriously damaging choice.
    We are not really faced with the prospect of the lesser of two evils. We are faced with choosing someone who perhaps leaves a lot to be desired, but is not running for evangelical pastor of the year. Trump may or may not excite us. I am not very excited about much in the political world. I am also not afraid of casting my vote for someone who is obviously not against me, given the alternative.

    1. You’re exactly right! I think for the first time in decades, we are actually not faced with the lesser of two evils, but are faced with high level imperfection (Trump) versus true evil (Clinton).

  3. How to Vote For, Not Against, Your Biblical Values ……EXACTLY what Election Forum stands for ……for my family for years . Our deeply held values ??????
    Discover how you can vote your biblical values and honor God with your vote by checking out our voter guide recommendations. It has everything you need to know about where candidates stand on critical issues that affect you. You’ll find our recommendations for:
    This is what we rely on …from Election Forum and for many many years it has been my #1 guide . I will pray however for your meeting that God will UNITE HIS PEOPLE . I also am praying the we are truly One Body of Christ and we will UNITE as one Voice and stand behind OUR DELEGATES going to Convention . OVER 15 MILLION REAL TRADITIONAL REPUBLICANS VOTED AGAINST TRUMP …..The mere 30-39% (10 million ) that voted for him are paid hacks , crossovers and not at all going to stay with our party in Nov . They are here to cause CHAOS…. They found a Achilles heel (open primary ) and EXPLOITED IT !!!!! We can not let that be OUR REPRESENTATIVE ….Evangelicals specifically but ALL Christians …ALL Women ….ALL Seniors ….ALL Military and esp ALL VETERANS …..have been viciously attacked by Trump…and we have to stand up together ….One Body of Christ …One Nation Under GOD !!!!!! Thank you Craig for all you do ……..

    1. Only Jesus knows the heart. Remember, he chose the hated tax collector to be
      one of His 12 disciples and invited himself to lunch with another much to the
      chagrin of the jewish elite. He also defended Mary Magdelane, a prostitute, against
      the establishment of His day.

  4. My vote is for the best candidate who will recommend Conservative replacement members to the Supreme Court. Judge Scalia’s immediate replacement will help keep the “checks and balances” of the current liberals in the current Supreme Court. Whoever is selected as the next President will also have the chance to replace several elderly judges in the next 1-2 terms. If Hillary Clinton is selected, the entire Supreme Court will become Liberal and led us directly into socialism with no “checks or balances” remaining. Then Conservatives will be sunk…forever.

    Many of the Christians who are proclaiming #NeverTrump sound like sour grapes to me because their preferred conservative candidate was not elected. I wanted to vote for Ted Cruz too, but I have learned to lose with grace. We can’t always get what we want in life, but how we react in losing shows character.

    My vote has a main goal of Supreme Court judge replacements. My vote is #NeverHillary and I will vote with Trump who will pick more potentially conservative judges compared to Hillary. A third party vote will be wasted and insure that Hillary Clinton gets elected just like her husband did.

    Look at the bigger picture and impact of Supreme Court judges will have in the immediate future. Mr. Trump’s personality may ruffle the Christian, but we NEED a leader who is tough enough to fight the ESTABLISHMENT in Washington DC and FIX the huge mistakes enacted by BO’s Administration. That person is Donald Trump and the LORD can use whoever he puts in place, Christian or non-Christian. No candidate is perfect, all are flawed and sinners, just like us.

    “There is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.”(Romans 13:1b)

  5. Getting to the serious business problems of our country, Mr. Trump appears to be the best bet so far because he acts tough, fearless, frank, direct, not tied to any group, not trying to please people, specialized in business management, and sees US’s real problems as they really are!!! He has presented his plan on the basic issues. Praying for our country ….

  6. These pastors complaining about Trump should consider that, if the 98 million citizens claiming Christ in America were being taught scriptures stating that “faith without works is dead” on a level commensurate with the extent to which Christians neglect to engage in ‘works’ including representing Christ in government, Christians would rarely be in a position of having to vote for ‘the lesser of two evils’ like Trump. 98 million Americans claiming Christ should easily result in Christians continually choosing between ‘the greater of two godly constitutional candidates’ – if God is to be glorified instead of offended.

    I will be voting for Trump. But, if ‘establishment’ GOP constitutional-deconstructionist/global-engineers infecting the GOP like a cancer, split the GOP vote by fielding a candidate to compete with Trump, then what should already be clear to us shall be made clearer – that America’s survival (from a purely political perspective) is highly dependent on GOP voters cleansing the GOP of ‘establishment’ operatives. This, because as ‘the lesser of two evils’ compared to democrats, they continue to bring little more than ‘lesser evil.’

    ‘Establishment’ democrats and ‘establishment’ operatives infecting the GOP continually function as ‘two opposing sides on the same coin.’ America’s existing emaciated economic and constitutional condition evidences the destructive nature of our decades-long ‘establishment-democrat versus establishment-republican dialectic.’ A dialectic having Christians choosing between a lesser and greater destruction. And instead of opposing this threat to their flocks, most of those shepherding America’s churches do little of consequence while these ‘establishment’ wolves are increasingly empowered to consume the sheep under the pretense of national security.

  7. The Scriptures teach us that without faith it is impossible to please God. Pleasing God, envolves consistently doing what is right–in accordance to His Word–however, in this depraved world one will suffer for taking such a principled stance. But if it is “better to suffer for doing good, if that is what God wants, than to suffer for doing wrong,” then I say Christians should follow the advice of Moses’s father-law–“Jethro,” who exhorted:

    “…select capable men from all the people—men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain—and appoint them as officials over thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens,” (Exodus 18:21).

    So ask Mr. Trump what past evidence can he offer that would demonstrate to the American People that he’s trustworthy enough to follow the Constitution, and protect their Natural Rights?

  8. Well said.

    Exodus 18:21 – perfectly applicable scripture relating to the American Christians biblical obligation to represent Christ in society and government to the exclusion of God offending worldviews and governance. And within the context of our constitutional-republic type of government, that means 98 million citizens claiming Christ in America should have no problem fielding political candidates that have Christians choosing between ‘the greater of two godly constitutionalists,’ and not between politicians like GOP ‘establishment’ constitutional-schizophrenics and Trump.

    While I am thankful Trump seems to be antiestablishment, if he is not also a constitutionalist, and he is not, he cannot bring restoration to America. In fact, this means he can only bring ‘lessor destruction’ then would an ‘establishment’ constitutional-schizophrenic and global-engineer like Bush, Rubio, Gingrich, or the like.. The past century of voting for the ‘lesser of two evils,’ instead of true constitutionalists evidences beyond any doubt, ‘the lesser of two evils always brings more evil in the end.’

    Politicians poisoning the GOP with unconstitutional governance are NOT merrely ‘imperfect politicians,’ but highly destructive to America. And the fact that they are destructive to a lesser degree than Democrats should be of no consolation to GOP voters. Only a cleansing of the ‘establishment’ conservative-impostors and other constitutional-deconstructionists from the GOP can change Americas trajectory from national-suicide to restoration. But of course, that would also require the pulpits of America to return to admonishing their flocks of their obligation to repent for having not found Christ worth representing in government allowing it’s degradation, then engage in the ‘works’ required to represent Christ in society and government as was done pre-1900s catalyzing the fight against British tyrants and slavery.

  9. America is suppose to be made up of over 72+% of citizens that believe in God. Now it seems to me that a lot of these Christian citizens are judging Mr. Trump on what the the corrupt media is putting out to the public that is not only distortion but outright manipulative lies. Try to find out what he really said and then look at how it is put out by the corrupted media, ie. the whole take on what Trump said about the Orlando tragedy. Now one of the reasons I say this is because I have spoken personally to people who know or have worked for Mr. Trump. He certainly deserves a chance to lift us up out of the mess we are in and you can bet your bottom dollar, and maybe your future that Hillary will truly finish off what is left of our country, our freedom, and our sovereignty.

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