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I’d like to come to your church.

Unlike previous elections, statistics show that a greater percentage of your fellowship is going to vote in the elections this year.

In most churches, half of them are not registered and of these registered, half of them still do not vote.

What do you do?

You can make sure that your fellow believers vote Biblical values which reflect the truth.

Election forums will help your church to be educated, motivated, and empowered as the Body of Christ to vote your values.

It will also provide encouragement to your church to register to vote. It will empower them to vote with confidence, based upon a Biblical worldview. And we do it in a non-partisan, legal presentation.

Here is how we do it:

  1. We will educate with a powerful, Biblical-based presentation of what a Christian worldview is, America’s Christian roots, and the persecution and challenges the Church faces today.
  1. We will show who all the Presidential candidates are, and where they stand on the issues, including Israel, life, and religious liberty.
  1. We will look at the U.S. Senate candidates, county candidates, and Congressional candidates. Where do they stand on value issues?
  1. We will also focus on the judges. Why they are important? where they stand? What is a judicial activist vs. a strict constructionist?
  1. Then we will go through the Propositions—the pros and cons.
  1. And finally, we will pray for God’s guidance, that His will be done, we will call for national restoration, and personal repentance.

These are the strategic ways we do this:

Strategy #1

The best strategy is to have me:

  1. Do the Sunday morning worship service.
  2. Have the Election Forum on Sunday afternoon or Sunday night.

My Sunday service is a powerful, expository/topical study on joy (up to the June primary) and hope (until and after the November general election)

The worship service focus is on joy and hope, but Craig diplomatically integrates the persecuted church, Christian liberty in the United States, and Christians voting their values.

The Sunday worship services are:

  • How to Have Joy in Times of Persecution
  • Hope When Your World is Upside Down

Every pastor I’ve worked with has invited me back, and the feedback has been excited and very positive.

The Sunday service offers a powerful catalyst to motivate attendance to the Election Forum … as well as provide your fellowship with a dramatic study that impacts everyone in attendance.

Strategy #2

The Election Forum talk is scheduled as a midweek service replacement.

Strategy #3

An Election Forum special event is created.

We even have prepared for you a complete marketing plan to make it easy and successful.

So call me at (310) 212-5727 or email me at I’d like to talk to you about doing an Election Forum at your church and how to make it happen.

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  1. Hi Craig,
    Could you please email me a list of the churches you will be having a Election Forum at? Please include Church name, address, date and time please.
    Bonnie Yerxa

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