Blatant Discrimination: Easter Blackout in the U.S. – Disrupting Easter Around the World

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My wife Shelly and I enjoyed a picture-perfect Easter sunrise service at Lake Arrowhead this year…

Beautiful weather … beautiful sunrise … powerful Easter message … beautiful lake in the background…

But much of the world was not able to enjoy a serene and peaceful Easter Sunday…

Those who hate God – and by association hate Christians – did their best to disrupt Christian observances and celebrations of the most important event in the history of Christianity … the bodily resurrection from the dead of Jesus of Nazareth nearly 2,000 years ago.

The Middle East – where Christians join in Christ’s suffering on a daily basis – is a prime example:

  • The Islamic State kills Coptic Christians in Egypt on an ongoing basis – and destroys their church buildings – especially on Palm Sunday and during Easter week.
  • Christians in Syria are constantly threatened by many Salafi-Jihadist and Islamist forces – who have reduced the Christian population from 2 million before the war to 900,000 today.
  • In terrorist attacks in Iraq, a Christian family was brutally stabbed to death and a young father of 2 children was gunned down … and many Christian villages on the Nineveh Plains still sit in ruins almost a year after their liberation from ISIS

In spite of their persecution, Christians in these areas – and many other similar hotbeds of violence against Christian faith – celebrated Easter with hopeful optimism and joy…

Meanwhile, in the U.S. – where physical persecution of Christians is rare – those who hate Christianity ignored the sacred holiday.

Many organizations simply acted as if it didn’t exist.

For example, Google…

It acknowledges many Muslim, Buddhist and Jewish religious holidays and festivals … even holidays of obscure religions … by hosting subpages … and by adding special graphics and displays on their homepage.

But Google ignored Easter again this year … for the 18th consecutive year.

No homepage “Doodle” … no subpage for Lent or for Easter.


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