Don’t Be Deceived by Target’s Transgender Bathroom “Compromise”

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Don’t Be Deceived by Target’s Transgender Bathroom “Compromise”

In April, the Target Corporation announced that they would allow men who identify as women to enter into women’s bathrooms and fitting rooms as part of their new “inclusive” policy.

Target’s sales have slumped considerably since then as customers have protested the policy. Revenue fell 7.2%. The shares have lost $10 billion in value.

The company’s CFO has acknowledged that there have been numerous complaints about this policy, but also suggested supporters have called in, too.

The company announced that they would install single-user bathrooms.

This new policy will serve as a compromise, according to Target’s leadership.

The renovations will cost the company $20 million.

But don’t be deceived!

Target will still permit customers to enter bathrooms and fitting rooms based on their gender identity.

The company’s dangerous transgender policy will still place women and children at great risk.

Continue to boycott Target until they reverse their destructive Transgender bathroom policy!

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7 Comments on “Don’t Be Deceived by Target’s Transgender Bathroom “Compromise””

  1. I will continue to ask my congregation of 1200 members in the greater Los Angeles area and my 1,000 Facebook friends NOT TO PURCHASE at Target until Target reverses its present bathroom policy. Shareholders will not be happy when they see the next sales slump!

    1. Thank you for doing that. The truth of gender and family, the safety of our mothers, wives, and daughters is too precious to risk!

  2. No comingling! Why not 3 bathrooms, and 3 dressing rooms, no confusion there.

    Why not spend their money and expand to accommodate, instead of imposing on EVERYONE elses privacy. I’m surprised, businesses usually want to cover risk. This is risk! You’ll have pedophiles and perverts that have nothing to do with gender confusion using it as an excuse to carry out their deeds.
    Whatever happened to customer service!
    Hello most of us straights are or were your customers.

    Please do not post my email address.

  3. In having some online discussions with people on the Target Facebook page, these diehards will not even admit there is a potential for pedophiles and perverts to use this open policy for their advantage. They just see it as a “civil right,”which is totally absurd. It’s all about caring about the “feelings” of a few transgender people while millions of actual women & girls get to feel anxiety every time they use a women’s restroom/fitting room in a Target store. It’s about pandering to 0.3% of people being uncomfortable with having to go to the restroom of their birth gender (unless of course they have had the surgery). The most danger is to women & children because men generally can overpower them and if openly allowed to walk into a Women’s restroom or fitting room, leaves a lot of room for a indecent exposure or crime. This has already happened in places where these laws have been enacted.

  4. I believe it is still against the law to enter an opposite sex bathroom and the police say just have the person arrested. Keep having them all arrested. May sure you go to court and testify. Stop shopping at target and start getting together and sue, sue, sue them. Take responsibility and hit back even harder for the women in your life. This is all part of an executive order which will be cancelled when Trump gets in. If Hillary gets in, bad luck to ya….

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