Do Americans Trust Pastors?

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Over the years, I’ve reported on the drop of trust in the “clergy” by Americans.

The clergy is a broad category including Protestant, Evangelical, Morman, and Catholic.

This drop-in trust tracks with more Americans becoming “nones”, the media and entertainment attack on pastors, and the drop in church-going during the pandemic.

Here is what the new Pew Research Center survey taken in December 2021 says.

Here are the findings:

The question: Do religious leaders act in the best interests of the public?

  • 12% have a “great deal” of confidence in the clergy
  • 43% have “a fair amount” of confidence in the clergy
  • 45% have “not too much confidence” in the clergy or no confidence at all.

This is a big drop from a year and a half ago from 63% to 55% now.

But the clergy still gets a higher ranking than journalists, business leaders, and elected officials.

Above the clergy are scientists, the military, and police officers.

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3 Comments on “Do Americans Trust Pastors?”

  1. While I have implicit trust in MY pastor, I can’t say the same for many others, including my former pastor who accused all of us of being racist, whether we knew it or not. Too many pastors are going down the social justice path, and in my opinion, that leads to the destruction of the church. The leadership of my former denomination is going down that path, and a once Biblically sound denomination is no longer Biblically sound. Some churches are leaving the denomination due to this. Dr. Jim Garlow has referenced a study that only about 10,000 American churches now subscribe to a Biblical Worldview, which is very sad. For our nation to survive, churches and denominations need to get back to the Bible. God will not be mocked.

  2. Yep. So goes the church, so goes the nation. Not an exact Bible quote but this is? The country that forgets God will be turned into Hell. You see it here: Virus, killings, riots, storms, forest fires. Since the mid 70’s, I have followed as many ministers as possible. We do have a few prophets that seem to have the final word and visions that are checking out. I will post on Facebook and my websites, the True Foundation of Jesus Christ. The 3 person Trinity must be discarded as obsolete. Must get this out before the Nuclear Attack on our 21 cities. You thought you following good ministers? Now it will become clear.

  3. You trusts pastors that can hear the voice of God and follows it, and pastors that have Holy Ghost power. It’s hard to trust pastors that don’t follow his agenda but their own, that follow the money, the sex, the govt., the biggest giver, the tickle-your-ear sermonettes with no power, signs & wonders, or those that didn’t bother to ask God who his man for the hour was for this nation. It would be very hard to trust these type of humans.

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