Disturbing Truth: My Christian TV Interview Revealing Little Known Trends You Won’t Hear Elsewhere [Video]

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I just left the TV studio.

You see, I was on national television talking about little known trends and dangers you will not hear in the biased press or media.

The topics involved you, your family, your church, and the future of America.

Some of the key issues that I shocked the host and audience with were:

· The devastating economic consequences by the political government shutdown. What to expect down the road.

· Government pro socialist states versus states protecting freedom. Those governors and mayors using power to abuse the Constitution, freedom, and the path to recovery of the pandemic nightmare.

· The socialist government war on churches. What the law says and does not say. And, what every Christians should know about meeting together and worship.

· Evangelicals are the target…the massive amount of money being spent to turn evangelicals away from voting for pro-life, pro-religious freedom candidates and vote for pro socialist and proabortion candidates. How these well-funded groups are running TV and digital ads.

· Church ballot harvesting and how it can change the election of 2020…including some interesting information on voter fraud.

The show, “Brad Dacus Live” of the Pacific Justice Institute, broadcasts on HISChannel.

The interview lasted about 30 minutes.

I hope you listen closely and then email me your thoughts.

His channel will take this video down in a few days, so you will need to watch it here.

What do you think? Email me at Craig@ElectionForum.org.

One Comment on “Disturbing Truth: My Christian TV Interview Revealing Little Known Trends You Won’t Hear Elsewhere [Video]”

  1. TY Craig. That was a good word we should pray for any business that is shut down. I appreciate hearing Brad say they would defend any church. And I will to share the ballot harvesting with my pastor. The time seems to have come.

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