Discrimination Against Christian Outreach Grows in India

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Discrimination Against Christian Outreach Grows in India

The world’s largest democracy is India … and it’s stomping out religious liberties. It’s discrimination.

But they are going about it in subtle ways.

They have informed Compassion International, a Christian charity operating in India, that they will no longer be allowed to receive donations from outside of the county.

The Indian government has not become a fascist dictatorship or an Islamic theocracy. So why are they doing this?

Compassion International

The country is experiencing a new wave of “ethnic nationalism”, which ties the ethnic status of an individual to their religious beliefs. Hinduism is the main religion in India. Christians and Muslims are considered second-class citizens.

The current government has even passed laws forbidding conversion from Hinduism to another faith.

The violent discrimination is a crack-down on Christian charities is designed to squelch the spreading of the Gospel.

What can you and I do about this?

  1. We have considerable leverage with a democratic government, one which wants to increase trade with the United States. Christians need to impress on Donald Trump that all trade deals with India must include respect for religious liberty.
  1. Pray for the persecuted church in India.

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3 Comments on “Discrimination Against Christian Outreach Grows in India”

  1. Our church has a missionary working in Northern India. I haven’t heard any negative reports yet, but we shall see. We have to pray, pray, and pray some more, for God’s divine hand on the Great Commission missionaries who are on the front lines. THEY are the ones who I give my tithes to, not the church building. You don’t know what freedom, or anything else, is until you LOSE it. Americans have NO IDEA what real persecution is until they experience it first-hand.

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