The Death of Christian Colleges? [Petition]

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The Death of Christian Colleges? [Petition]

Across America, Christian colleges are under attack for following Biblical principles.

Opponents are attacking their accreditation and tax exemption status.

In California, liberal secular forces in Sacramento, politicians are attacking these liberties, too!

This time, they want to limit the profession and study of one’s Christian faith on private college campuses.

Currently, Christian universities and colleges receive exemptions from Title IX non-discriminatory regulations if they violate the basic tenets of their faith.

The author of SB 1146, Ricardo Lara of Bell Gardens, wants to change all that.

He has called these exemptions “license to discriminate.”

Now he wants to discriminate against Christians and their institutions of learning!

SB 1146 would require these Christian colleges to openly publicize their exercise of specific exemptions. The text also disturbingly seeks to do the following:

Would narrow the religious exemption contained in the Equity in Higher Education Act (Act),  [emphasis added] an Act which applies only to institutions that benefit from public funds; and, would require institutions that receive California public funds and that claim an exemption from state or federal discrimination laws and regulations, as specified, to provide public disclosures.”

If passed, this bill would disrupt the very nature and purposes of these colleges. Imagine Christian colleges forced to allow men who identify as women into women’s bathrooms. Imagine pastors and Christians professors forced to limit discussion on Biblical principles relating to gender, marriage, family, and sexual behavior. Imagine private and parochial schools which could no longer operate in line with their biblical values!

In effect, this bill could gut religious liberty and attack freedom of speech.

Please fill out our petition here and send a message to the California State Legislature: Respect Religious Liberty! Stop Attacking Christian Colleges!

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8 Comments on “The Death of Christian Colleges? [Petition]”

  1. Please do not support SB1146. Christian colleges exist to educate students and to discuss the judeo-christian foundation of our country. That is what made America the most prosperous country in the world. Do not convert us into a third-world country.

  2. this is a wicked ploy by the spirit of anti-Christ to take down our Blood purchased Liberties, given freely to us by our Lord Jesus Christ and embedded in our Constitution…… stand up pastors, priests, all believers in opposition to this wickedness

  3. Please support Christian colleges in their desire to educate students well in excellence and in the word of God which is the only lasting standard in this country, Please oppose SB 1146

  4. SB 1146 Would completely eliminate the basic reason that private Christian Colleges and Universities were formed – ie having he freedom to teach Biblical principles. They are privately funded ( not supported by taxes) and should have the freedom to make their own rules and not be told by government agencies and laws
    what they can and cannot do.

  5. Christian colleges and Universities are not financed with government taxes.
    They are privately financed by donations and therefore should have the right to make whatever rules of operatiôn and teaching they choose.

  6. This is only a war for entitlement, not to get everyone “equal rights” or to eliminate discrimination; this is a counter-productive law for them and I see no logic here. What happened to people agreeing to disagree and still being friends?

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