Cruz Broke His Pledge: Readers Respond [Poll]

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Cruz Broke His Pledge: Readers Respond [Poll]

My article Christians, Integrity and Politics—Did Cruz Cross the Line? received a number of well-thought and passionate responses. (Read it here).

Some agreed with me. And some did not.

One thing I forgot to mention.

In politics, you know you will be lied about, your family attacked, and the facts about you twisted. Every candidate faces it.

See if you agree or disagree with the readers.

Here’s what they had to say:


Ted is not innocent in all of this.  His campaign put out a suggestive photo of Melania to smear Trump and also the statement that Ben Carson was dropping out of the race which was untrue.  Cruz needed to get over his “offense” and endorse Trump like he promised.  I think his career is damaged at this point. — John O.

For one reader who was unhappy with Cruz, she wrote him an open letter:

Dear Senator Cruz,

My husband is one of many pastors at Calvary Chapel, and we were blessed to have your father speak to our congregation last year. He is fabulous!  We can see why you brag about him. . .

We don’t know you well, but we have defended you to many people, especially assuming you’re a genuine Christian.

After your team cheated Dr. Carson out of votes in Iowa (who forgave you and Trump for betrayal), and after your friends hassled 90-year-old Phyllis Schlafly for her support of Donald Trump (causing the removal of her program from radio), we were sickened even more while watching your Convention speech last night.  It appears you are more interested in your own personal feelings and future, than that of America and We the People.

As a Christian, you must know this life isn’t about you, but about the LORD’s will for our Nation that is ignoring Him, and worse, shoving Him out. Voting for one who will uphold America rather than for Hillary, could delay God’s judgment on America.  Truly think about that, and the risks we face, as an ungodly Nation out of control!

And you might also consider neither Hillary nor Trump is born again yet. . . but you are.  You can’t expect those of the world to operate like we do. We are to love our “enemies” and pray for them. . . because you and I know the Bible shows us that we’re all wretched outside of Christ.

You know the only real choice before us is a deceitful Hillary Clinton or a patriotic Donald Trump, neither of which is perfect.  We haven’t forgotten that you didn’t keep your word (which we saw you give on the Debate) to endorse Trump, if he were the Republican candidate.  God doesn’t expect you to be Trump’s best friend, but He does expect all of us to pray for him, for Hillary (& Bill), and even for Obama.  God’s love is amazing, isn’t it?!?! 

After last night, you surely can’t be at Peace today.  I can only imagine you have hurt your reputation with the majority of Americans, and you’ve possibly hurt the Republican party.  You need to know that most Christians we shared you with in the past (after Dr. Carson was out of the race), said they didn’t care for your countenance, didn’t trust you. 

You could have a very humble reputation that exalts Christ, like Dr. Ben Carson, who isn’t in this for himself, and never was.  We truly pray that God will humble your heart and you will openly endorse Donald Trump for the good of our Country, and for your own peace of heart and mind.  — Marsha T.

Quite a letter!

Some shared their disappointment, plain and simple:

Ted Cruz disappointed me very badly! First, when he said that he does not know/not sure which pedal would step on, if Donald Trump would be behind his car. Second, he did not keep his pledge. We are called to love our enemies, not to revenge. The revenge belongs to God (Romans 12:17-21). He made a BIG, BIG mistake! — Vasile M.

I was very disappointed with Ted Cruz. As a gentleman, he was honor bound to endorse Trump because he gave his word he would do so. How much more must he honor his word because he continually told the world that he is a Christian. If he can’t be trusted to on or his word with such a simple pledge, how could we ever trust him to honor his word on the really tough issues?Laura O.

This voter voted for Cruz when he ran for U.S. Senate. He’s having second thoughts now:

When Ted Cruz ran to be a senator I voted for him and liked him very much. I did not let anyone say anything negative about him. I thought he is solid good Christian with integrity. I am disappointed in him. He should have chosen the higher ground and endorsed Donald Trump for the sake of the welfare of Americans and America. This is not about Cruz nor about Trump but about the future of Americans and the peace around the world. Cruz claims to be a Christian Trump does not make any such claims, yet Cruz did not act any different then Trump. Let us not be hypocrites and do what our Lord is asking from us.  I do not think I can vote for him again. He, Cruz mist his chance to show Trump how a follower of Christ acts.  He retaliated and said some very awful things about Trump also. — Ilene E.

I believe Cruz should keep his pledge but as Christians we need to convince him of that in love, not with criticism and condemnation.

I am not saying you are doing that because you are politely spelling out the case biblically and then simply asking the question.

However, I have been saddened to read some other commentaries and listen to crowds disrespectfully chant and boo at him before his speech was over. I was disappointed that he did not endorse Trump but I forgive him too. I also wish Trump had not attacked Cruz again the day after the convention and yet I also forgive Trump.

As a nation, we all need to be more respectful to each other and when we disagree we need to always speak the truth in love.

May God richly bless your work. — Joan V.


Ted Cruz (Credit: Gage Skidmore)


I hope he never endorses Trump.  I saw and heard Trump say he did not want Cruz’s endorsement and support.  He also said he would not endorse anyone if he didn’t become the nominee.  Trump talks out of both sides of his mouth.  He is a coward of the worst sort and if I have to vote for him, I will be weeping as I exit the voting booth.Beverly E.

This letter was particularly insightful:

Sometimes I think this whole issue with Ted Cruz is overblown. Is a “pledge” to a political party really worth all this arguing? I’m not a political “junkie,” so I don’t think so.

The issue, as I see it, is not just whether Ted Cruz was wrong to “break” a “vow.”

For a Biblical illustration of keeping a vow, the most dramatic case would be Jephthah, who ended up killing his own daughter in order to keep his vow to God (see Judges 11). Today, I think most Americans with traditional American thinking would say that he should not have killed her. Keeping your word is important, but not important enough to cause you to kill your own family member, which is a (worse) violation of God’s law, in our modern opinion.

Ted Cruz had two vows in conflict with each other. His first vow was to his wife. I have no idea what he and she said at their wedding service, but traditional Christian vows usually include the concept that husband and wife vow to honor each other. When Donald Trump insulted and threatened Cruz’s wife, I would say that immediately raised the issue of Cruz’s marital vow to honor her. At that point, Cruz could not keep his pledge to the Republican party without violating his vow to honor his wife. Like this: “Yeah, I’m an honorable man, so I’ll endorse this guy who dishonors my wife whose honor I’m supposed to defend. I’ll break my vow to her in order to keep my vow to the Party.” Really?

Additionally, Cruz’s father was also insulted. Now we have one of the Ten Commandments involved, namely, to honor one’s father and mother. Again, Cruz could not endorse Trump without running afoul of this Commandment from God.

I’d say he was in a real Catch-22 with this situation. How do we decide what to do when we have made two vows that conflict with each other? Or, what should we do when one of our vows unexpectedly puts us in a situation where we must choose between our vow and God’s law? I don’t think the Bible gives much guidance when we pit God’s law against God’s law. — Karen H.

This person had a nuanced view, but still supported Ted Cruz:

We have a dilemma.  We have been forced into a difficult situation regarding Donald Trump.  This man demeaned decent and talented opponents who were far worthier of nomination than himself.  He behaved like a child and actually made a fool of himself as he called names, made ridiculous accusations, made fun of a physically challenged man, and then attacked Ted Cruz’s wife and father.

We now have a choice between Hillary and Trump.  We must choose Trump but we must remember how he comported himself during the debates.  We are forced to accept Trump.  He did well in his speech.  He laid out the truth of our situation but I am worried about what he will do once he has the power of the presidency.

I think Ted Cruz should have stayed away from the convention.  I admire him for standing up for the honor of his wife and father.  Ted Cruz is an honorable man.  Donald Trump’s behavior and actions have negated Mr. Cruz’s pledge.  I support Ted Cruz.

I am praying for our nation! — Sallie

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, readers.

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4 Comments on “Cruz Broke His Pledge: Readers Respond [Poll]”

  1. It is a bit simpler for me. I seem to remember that the question put to the candidates was: ‘Will you support who ever is the nominee of the party? ‘ There is a distinct difference, between these 2 words. They are not identical to me. I know I can ‘support’ a position in different ways. The most common is by NOT supporting the opposing view, position or person. By simply showing up and speaking at the convention, and verbalizing the positions that he did, (which support the platform as written) is definitive in and of itself as support for the party and by extension, his support of the candidate when actually nominated. An open endorsement was never promised, unless I am mistaken here. (I could be.) His closing statement was the best evidence that might be put forth illustrating my contention (ie: the difference between the two words). As Newt Gingrich was articulating this point: Unless you live in vacuum, and as others in the comments made here by others, Mr. Cruz implored voters to ……vote for the nominee whom “I” feel, is the one whom will uphold the Constitution. (paraphrased badly). I could vote for Trump had he came out and thanked Ted for taking the moral high ground instead of ginning up the delegates in booing. He couldn’t wait to get on stage and steal the limelight. I also am disappointed in comments made by others. They should know, and I believe do know, that ads made by PACS are out of the control of the candidates. To blame Cruz for the stupidity of such ads, is as bad as the ads themselves, since they perpetrate a myth; ie: doing damage to the candidate they saddle with the ‘responsibility’ over which the candidate by law has zero control.
    Cruz kept his promise as far as I am concerned. He did support the candidate as best he could without denigrating Trump, which he has not done to my knowledge. On the other hand, Trumps major campaign tactic(s) was/were all about denigrating almost everyone he was running against. His tactics changed when some decided to back him. Others he just ignored and did not even try, at least publicly, to get them to support, much less, endorse him. NO apologies, no olive branch, certainly no concessions. Not even a: “I was just kidding” It was all in good clean fun. He, Trump, thinks that he can do it by himself, ok, go for it. I sincerely hope the best for him. Because as Cruz pointed out, of the major candidates running that will support the Constitution of the United States of American, he is most likely to be the one who will perform accordingly. I for one am not convinced. Mr. Cruz obviouslly is of that opinion. (Or at least was at the time he made the statement.)
    footnote: Marriage vows trump campaign promises… always. (Pun intended.)

  2. To be fair, let’s analyze this from a Natural Law standard using reason, and revelation of the Scriptures.

    Take the issue of tax returns for example. Since beginning of his campaign last year, Donald Trump has gone back and forth on his word many times between then and now. And although it would seem to be Trump’s own USUAL Standard Operating Procedure, the bottom line is, he vowed he would release his tax returns like all the other candidates–more than once–yet never followed through. Now his campaign people have made it clear that he will definitely not be releasing his tax returns. Is it fair to use one “measure to look at the speck of sawdust in” Ted Cruz’s “eye and pay no attention to the plank” in either your own, or Donald Trump’s eye? (Matthew 7:1-4)

    And in what way does that kind of thinking reflect the self-evident truth that “all men are created equal?”

  3. Ditto to Leo Gauthier, supporting and endorsing are two different terms and one was not used in the debate format ,I did not understand why there was such an upheaval over this at the convention, no one should have been offended and the taunting should never started . One more question, Is lying about others an acceptable practice in our society anywhere today? Ted did stumble a few times under the pressure of a difficult campaign, just like everyone else did, I would like to see and we need to see all Americans step up to a higher standard.
    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people . It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other” President John Adams
    So our next step as we have forgotten our God is what ?

  4. Sigh! Donald Trump has caused many God loving, conservative persons to lower the bar for conducts that commensurate with presidential characters.
    Shaming Ted Cruz will not elevate Trump’s appeal to voters who deserve more in a candidate with good character, decent behaviors, and a demonstration of love to defend the constitution, and a mentality to serve.
    Making excuses for him will not help him improve his behaviors.
    He needs to grow up to match the position he applies for.

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