Coronavirus: Bible Sales Spike 60% – And, More

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Bible sales are up 60% since the pandemic hit.

Some Bible companies said sales rose 143% from last year.

People are looking for hope:

  • Livestream church services – booming
  • Christian radio – booming
  • Christian TV – booming
  • Google search on pandemic

Even in the media, TV Guests are preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ.

And, this is worldwide.

Let’s pray for people accepting Christ.

Let’s pray for revival.

Let’s pray for repentance.

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One Comment on “Coronavirus: Bible Sales Spike 60% – And, More”

  1. I said the devil was starting a mighty Revival for Jesus, by doing this and it is sure looking like it to me, there are still a few people who know how to pray in America, and Jesus is the only answer for all this mess.

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